EPIC: Game Pics – 4k Titan Legions vs. 1000 Sons

Hi guys, Back with some pictures of the game! Some thoughts first: The two mid-range firepower titans were obscene - massive amounts of long range firepower! The combo of the Plasma Destructors and the Support Missile worked well - unload turn 1, shoot missile turn 2, then back ready to unload plasma again turn 3. [...]

EPIC: 4k Titan Legions vs. 1000 Sons

Hi guys, Back to EPIC for the first time in absolutely ages, I hope you all enjoyed the digression in Fantasy. I have a 4k game versus my friend Ben arranged for this afternoon and have decided to dust off my Titan Legion and take them out for a spin. Given that the points were [...]

Looking back on 2013

This blog has been running for almost two years now, which I far longer than I had hoped for it to last. This year has been pretty tumultuous, both in the mini-wargaming world, and in terms of my "real" work. A quick run down of the hobby happenings of this past year on here: The [...]