BATREP – Thousand Sons vs. Maelstrom Beserkers Fleet

Hi guys, First apologies, I have been bad and not been posting much. I know, I know, but real life has been turning the screws recently and thesis work has been ramping up. Still, as an apology I offer you loads of pictures from my most recent game of BFG, possibly split across two posts. [...]

Looking forward to 2014…

Having gotten the reminiscing out of the way, here is what I plan to get done over the next year: Blog wise Finish the EPIC Eldar army pics - 1 more post to go Do EPIC Imperial Guard army pics Finish the Lost and the Damned Tactica series - Daemon Engines and Air Support still [...]

Looking back on 2013

This blog has been running for almost two years now, which I far longer than I had hoped for it to last. This year has been pretty tumultuous, both in the mini-wargaming world, and in terms of my "real" work. A quick run down of the hobby happenings of this past year on here: The [...]