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BFG – Rogue Traders vs. Imperial Fleet


Hi guys,

Sorry it has been so long since the last post – I haven’t been gaming much and life has been rather busy to be honest. Still, I am back with a bumper post detailing a game of BFG I recently had with Andy from Miniature Miscellany.He is currently painting down at GW HQ and doing some really nice Age of Sigmar Chaos models, so go have a look.


The game was just a quickie, with small fleets, using the Convoy scenario as that seemed pretty thematic for the fleets we had chosen to play. Andy was using his Imperials, while I had chosen to bring out my Rogue Trader fleet. They are great for small games, with lots of choice, and work thematically for a number of the scenarios.

We set up the board with a scattering of asteroids and a planet (we were only using¬† 4′ x 4′) and we were off.


My fleet consisted of a pair of Dauntless Light Cruisers (both with Lances) and a squadron of Cobra escorts. Along with these I had my convoy, six regular transports and one heavy transport ship. I moved cautiously onto the table, warhips taking the lead.

IMG_2213In response, Andy moved one of his Dauntlesses forward, screened by his own Cobras.

I loosed some shots, successfully blowing a few of Andy’s escorts up, while moving up with the rest of the fleet.


Andy had a much better turn than me. He swung the Dauntless to the side, opening up his broadsides and targetting my Dauntlss. Firing his Cobra’s torpedoes, he struck home on my Cobras, destroying three, and also managed to damage my othr Dauntless.


My return fire bouyed me up a littel – both Dauntlesses fired their lances at the Imperial Navy cruiser, striking home and knocking two DC off it. Lots of blast markes litter the starscape as the convoy surges forward.


Andy responds by flipping over some of his other contact markers, revealing some Firestorm Frigates and another Dauntless which move forward into engagement range.


Andy shifts forward, badly damaging my Dauntless, and closing in on the transport ships.


My fleet gets congested trying to avoid the asteroid field, pincered by Andy’s oncoming fleet, and the perfect target for some torpedoes! Them combined with th fire from the ships knocks out the first transport and puts damage on pretty much every ship I have.


In response, I curl one Dauntless around the back of the Imperial fleet, hoping to chase down the damaged cruiser and bracket the other vessels.

IMG_2231Andy pushes through my fleet, splitting the convoy, and laying down blast markers. His damaged dauntless cannot turn and drifts onwards.


Andy’s damaged Dauntless finally bites the dust, but his Firestorms make short work of some of my transports. I cant turn fast enough to defend them and I can feel the game slipping away from me.


Andy sneaks off a few more transports , and with both my Dauntlesses quite damaged, ekes out a win!

I hope you guys enjoyed that game report. We played another game and I have pics from it, so they should make their way up here eventually.

Thanks guys ūüôā

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BFG – Rogue Trader Fleet Pictures

EyeoftheManHi guys,

Sorry to have left things so long, but I realised a little while back that although I had submitted a picture of my Rogue Trader fleet for Gothicomp (no, I didn’t do well… ) I have never actually gotten around to putting up proper pictures of it here. Bits and pieces of it have previously made an appearance and are findable here, but now is the time to introduce it properly.

Rogue Trader Fleet

Rogue Trader Fleet

Rogue Trader Fleet

Rogue Trader Fleet

The Rogue Trader fleetlist for BFG is found in the 2010FAQ, and is one of my favourite lists to play around with, as it combines a wonderful variety of military, civilian, and suppot vessels. My fleet is led by a Rogue Trader Carnage class cruiser with Targetting Matrix (represented by the GW Rogue Trader model), supported by two normal Rogue Trader Cruisers (the two old Spacefleet models), and an allied Adeptus Mechanicus Dictator class cruiser (the Imperial cruiser model) to provide some kind of fighter / bomber cover!

IMG_1018In addition the fleet has four Dauntless Light Cruisers which are a mainstay of Rogue Traders and two Endeavour class Light Cruisers with Additional Shield (the Spacefleet Thunderbolt models). These are fast and give a good amount of WB fire to the fleet. Then I have two large civilian vessels – a Heavy Transport with Ship Defence Grid (the Galaxy class Troop Transport) and a Repair Tender with Additional Shield (the Goliath class ship).

IMG_1019After all the capital ships, the escorts are vitally important in the Rogue Trader fleet and there is a great variety to choose from! I have chosen a good variety – two xenos escorts pictured above with two rollson the xenos modification chart, eight Spacefleet Cobras, and three escort carries which give a little more AC coverage at a very high cost. Following these are some civilian ships – six transports, 3 armed freighters, 3 fireships, and four system ships.

Thanks for following along and I hope you enjoy the pics.

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BFG – Rogue Trader Dauntless Light Cruisers

4 Rogue Trader Dauntless Light Cruisers

4 Rogue Trader Dauntless Light Cruisers

Hi guys,

Just some quick photos of some stuff I have recently been painting, this time some more of the recast Dauntlesses I bought a while ago that are now part of my Rogue Trader fleet. The RT fleet has quite a heavy focus on escorts and light cruisers so the Dauntless works really well in it.





Again the casts are not great with bubbles all over the place and incredibly flimsy flight stems, but compared to trying to hunt down four Dauntlesses on eBay, they have been great. I have recently bought some magnetic lenses for my phone camera, but although the zoom is now better I am not very happy with the fish-eye effect this seems to have caused.

Green and Orange

Green and Orange

Given how much BFG I now have painted, colour schemes are becoming a difficulty! I wanted my Rogue Trader fleet to show off the individuality of the ships differing captains, but still look cohesive and coherent on the tabletop. I went with keeping the bodies of the ships the same colour, though adding a few aerials just to provide difference, while going for different coloured prows for all of the ships. This necessitated a split in trim colours, brass and silver, but I think tying the prow and trim colours together coherently matters quite alot!

I will have some full fleet pics of my Rogue Trader fleet (3,000pts) to come soon.


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Looking back on 2014

So almost three years of the blog now!

Quick run down of last years achievements:


I have managed to finally finish the Lost and the Damned Tactica series!


I have finished my Bakka Fleet


I have run a BFG campaign at my local club


Updated the Daemonworld Epic list I am championing

An additional couple of thousand points of reinforcements for my Ork fleet

Doubled the size of my Ork Fleet


Played a giant Nagash themed WHFB battle


Painted up a World Eater themed Beserker Fleet

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BFG Bakka – Dauntless and Enforcer Class Light Cruisers

Hi guys,

With their big brother

With their big brother

I have managed to get a little painting in – completing two light cruisers I have had for a while but were only partially painted in the wrong colour scheme. They are a Lance Dauntless and a converted Enforcer Class Light Cruiser – both useful little ships that form part of the bigger Bakka fleet above.



The Lance Dauntless is a great little ship for nipping around the flanks of the enemy and picking off damaged enemy ships, while the Enforcer gives me a a couple more launch bays (desperately needed in the Bakka list) and some more lances to go with the Dauntless.






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The Merchant Fleets of Mankind – BFG Rogue Traders?

I have always loved the idea of Rogue Traders – those individuals set loose from the strictures of the Imperium to go explore, make money and generally do whatever the hell they like. Eisenhorn and Ravenor just increased this as well as the very nice Rogue Trader Cruiser model from GW.

Rogue Trader Cruiser РYours for £12.30

However since getting into BFG, the cost of all of the transport models from either GW or Forgeworld put me off. Everywhere else I looked also worked out pretty pricey for what I wanted, and I kind of dropped the idea. However¬†a couple of weeks ago I snapped up some em4 spacecraft models from a Buy It Now on Ebay, in the expectation that my ¬£3 would be wasted and they would be horrible (Just like the 100 or so Dwarves I got off them when I was first getting into WHFB…).

em4 Spacecraft

Scale comparison with Imperial Cruiser

To my surprise, when they arrived they were actually decent. A nicely cast, but slightly bendy gray plastic, set of 12 generic spacecraft in the right scale for BFG and with hex flying stands included Рall for only £2.55! This reignited my interest in doing a Rogue Trader fleet for BFG and since then I have been feverishly writing list after list, trying to balance coolness, cost, and playability.

Peasmold Class Recycling Ship from GZG

Buying 2 more packs from em4, the GW Rogue Trader Cruiser, a Dauntless light cruiser gives me a fluffy 1500pt list for less than £30. Not bad! I am also thinking of splashing out £7.50 on the model above from GZG to count as a Heavy Fuel Transport.

The list has ended up being much more fluff than competitive but it should be fun to play against if nothing else:

Veteran Rogue Trader     50

Rogue Trader Cruiser w/ Extra Shield   205

Dauntless Light Cruiser 125

6 x Xenos Escorts         300

6 x Xenos Escorts          300

6 x Armed Freighter     120

6 x Armed Freighter      120

6 x Armed Freighter     120

4 x Cargo Ship                  40

2 x Q-Ship                        120

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