Clash of Titans!

I had my game using the Titan Legion list versus Ben playing a strange Eldar Titan Clan list – not the one on Taccomms but another from way back in the mists of time on Warseer of all places!

Ben’s 2 Phantoms & my 2 Revenants

Ben had taken a Warlock with a Psychic Lance and Powerfist, two Phantom Titans with a Powerfist and Titan Pulsar each, 4 Revenants and a formation of Warwalkers. I had taken the list in the blog post below with no changes and found it performed pretty well. I focused my firepower on one of the Phantom titans and the Warlock titan in the first turn, hoping to damage them and reduce the threat they posed. At the start of the second turn Ben assaulted my CC Reaver with the damaged Warlock – the Reaver lost 5 DC but killed the Warlock in return. I really like the Laser Blaster on the titan as it gave it something to do while moving into position for the assault.

CC Reaver

Overall I found focusing firepower on one titan at a time really paid off, especially once their holo-fields went down. I think this is where Ben made a mistake – leaving a couple of my titans still alive to fire in the next turn rather than killing them and removing the threat. The game ended in turn 3 with They Shall Not Pass and Break Their Spirit to me. The game was amazingly fast because of the low activation count and every was over in about 2 hours.

Sorry for the lack of pics and slight lateness, I kind of forgot to take pics half way through the game and am currently busy visiting my boyfriend down in London.

Have a good week!


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