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Lost and the Damned Tactica – Traitor Guard Support

Note the Leman Russ in the background

Note the Leman Russ in the background

Originally, I had set out to make my Lost and the Damned army as one heavily based on the Traitor guard units available to the list. While it is still quite heavily guard-orientated, it has morphed into a more rounded force.

The Lost and the Damned list can represent the full gamut of Chaos forces – from the Deamon riddled forces of Daemon Worlds to the recently turned forces like those at Vraks. As part of this, for each Stigmatus Coven selected, the list can take a Traitor Guard formation – either an Armoured Company, an Artillery Battery, Rough Riders or Sentinels. I want to look at each of these formations in turn and then have a look at the way they function in the list as a whole.

2 Armoured Company formations

2 Armoured Company formations

Armoured Company: For 400pts, the Armoured Company is a formation of six Leman Russ tanks (the normal kind, no variants for traitors). The stats have already been covered here, as have the various uses for the Leman Russ upgrade to regular covens. In this formation the situation is somewhat changed – the entire formation is made up of 4+ Reinforced Armour models, making it remarkably resilient. In comparison to the Imperial Guard Tank Company formation, the LatD formation is both smaller and cheaper (in practice each tank ends up costing about 66pts each). This is a double edged sword – easier to break, less firepower, lack of a Vanquisher, balanced out by more formations, less likely to be your Break Their Spirit, and the ability to spread your firepower better. Within the context of the list, the Armoured Company provides a relatively fast and resilient formation that can effectively project decent AT/AP firepower at 75cm. I normally take at least one, sometimes two, in a 3000pts list as it gives the infantry focused Covens some armoured support while nicely complimenting their lack of long range weaponry.

I use Forgeworld's Medusas as my Traitor Artillery Battery

I use Forgeworld’s Medusas as my Traitor Artillery Battery

Artillery Battery: The Artillery Battery in the Lost and the Damned list bears a superficial similarity to those in the regular Imperial Guard list being made up of Basilisks with the same stats with their normal upsides and downsides. Perhaps the most important difference is that while the loyalists arrange their artillery support into batteries of three guns, the traitor batteries have four guns in each. Because of the way that the Barrage table works, 4 BP gives an extra template – doubling the potential for hits. This makes the traitor battery much better than the loyalist one, although this does come at an increased cost. In the context of the list, the Artillery Batteries function as long ranged support – forcing the enemy to spread out therefore making them more susceptible to assaults by your Covens, providing long range AT firepower, or possibly stalling assaults by putting them on overwatch. I always take at least one battery in my Lost and the Damned lists, sometimes two, when I am not taking a second Armoured Company.

My Revenant killing Rough Riders

My Revenant killing Rough Riders

Rough Riders: These have to be the single most useful formation in the entire list. Combining First Strike, long charge ranges, Scouts, good CC potential and speed, Rough Rider have proven to be among the most loved (by me) and hated (by Ben from Forgot My Tea) formations in the entire list. For 150pts, you get six stands of Rough Riders (same stats as in the regular Imperial Guard) although they have no access to a Commissar which is a bit of a blow. Still they are just about the only place in the list in which to get Scout, which allows them to act as screens for your artillery or for your big Coven formations, while the combo of First Strike and decent CC values mean they are a threat to most things. I often use them as fairly sacrificial formations – launch them at something that is likely to kill them, but that they can do a couple of points of damage to first – targeting things that would normally cause the Lost and the Damned list fits like Revenant or Warhound Titans.

I really like the Sentinel models, I just find them lacking in the LatD list

I really like the Sentinel models, I just find them lacking in the LatD list

Sentinels: At 100pts for four, the Sentinel formation is the cheapest available in the list (remember what I said here about the 1:1 Coven to Support ratio and formation prices), and maps exactly onto the regular loyalist formation. Sentinels unfortunately pale in comparison to Rough Riders (maybe I am biased…) being less resilient, fewer in number, less capable in CC, lacking First Strike. All of these do not really make up for the 50pt saving, but Sentinels do shine in filling up the last 100pts in a list, or acting as a cheaper screen for some static artillery. Still, if you want a formation that can actually do something, I would avoid them.

Overall, the Traitor Guard formations provide the Lost and the Damned list with a lot of the ‘essentials’ when it comes to list building. By this, I mean things like Scout screens, long range firepower, and BP template weapons. This is one of the things that gets talked / bitched about quite a lot with the list when it comes to development, but isn’t something I really have an issue with.

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Painting Table Update

Just a quick painting update to catch up with myself. Since getting back to uni I have cracked on with a fair amount of painting and gaming (3k Daemon vs. Eldar Bat Rep should be up tomorrow) but my internet connection in my flat has meant posting pictures to the blog has been very problematic.
Without further ado, I have been painting:

Inquisitorial Storm Troopers


Trolls and Minotaurs

They get used as Big Mutants in the Lost and the Damned Army

18 Leman Russ – that now gives me three full companies

Tank Commander 1

Tank Commander 2

Tank Commander 3

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6k Steel Legion v 6k Eldar – Army Lists

6k Steel Legion vs. Eldar

I recently returned from the home to Lancaster for the start of the university term  – and what better way to celebrate than getting in a game of epic? My two friends (Andy from Miniature Miscellany and Ben from Forgot My Tea) teamed up their eldar to face up against my (almost fully painted!) guard. I was using the Steel Legion list in this game, mostly because I could be bothered to set up all the trenchlines necessary, which are ultimately pointless against Eldar anyway, to play Siegemasters.

This post will have the opposing lists, and then once I get up to uni I will put together a fully featured, activation-by-activation battle report – not like my usual disjointed pictures and vague rememberances.


Steel Legion:

Reg HQ w/ Demolisher Platoon

Tank Company w/ Hydra

SHT Coy – 3 Baneblades

SHT Coy – 3 Stormhammers

Rough Riders x 2

Storm Troopers in Valkyries

2 x Basilisk Batteries

2 x Manticore Batteries


3 x 1 Shadowsword

Infantry company w/ Griffons

Tbolts x 2

Marauder Bombers


Ben’s Eldar:

Aspects in Wave Serpents, Exarch and Autarch

Guardians in Wave Serpents

Guardians w/ Wraithguard, Support Weapons

Revenant Titans

Void Spinner


2 x 3 Nightwings

Rangers x 4

Night Spinners



Andy’s Eldar:

Phantom Titan

2 x Falcons

2 x Guardians w/ Wraithguard (1 w/ Heavy Weapons)

Aspects in Wave Serpents

2 x Jetbikes

Rangers x 4

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Traitor Russ

As you might have noticed over the last couple of posts I have a bit of a thing for tanks in EPIC – big ones and preferably lots of them!

2 Leman Russ formations

To go with the Demolishers in the last post I have been painting up 2 armoured formations of 6 Leman Russ each. In the Steel Legion list you can only get tanks in company formations (10 tanks, usually with a Vanquisher command tank), but in the Lost and the Damned list the armoured formations are the slightly smaller sixes. This lot of tanks has two allocated as command tanks, only one of which is a Vanquisher. This is so that if I want to run them as a Armoured Company in the Steel Legion List I don’t have too many Vanq’s.

Command Tank 1


This smaller formation size is good in that it means the price of the formation is lower (400 vs. 650) and therefore it is more feasible to fit in a few formations. However it obviously is easier to break and throws out less firepower.


Command Tank 2

That is one of the things that irritates me about the Steel Legion list – at 650pts the Armoured Company is so expensive that it rarely sees play, or if it is taken more than once then the army tends to be hindered quite a lot – which I find annoying given the iconic place of the Leman Russ in the GW universe.

These models are the old-style Leman Russ, which I think fits into the theme of the Lost and the Damned better than shiny new pattern models. I do also have a full company worth of the FW Leman Russ models and the GW Specialist Games range models still to be painted.

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Demolishers ahoy!

Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword!

Cracked on with a little more painting in the last couple of days. Less than I wanted to as the end of term means lots more work, plus it is coming up to my annual review again. Still, I have polished off three beautiful Leman Russ Demolisher models. Made by a certain blue werewolf they really are much nicer models than my paintjobs, and have me thinking of grabbing a few more from him.

Three Demolishers

In game I can use these in either the Steel Legion list as a company upgrade of the three tanks, or in the Lost and the Damned I can add between one and three to any Coven. They make formations pretty expensive in the Steel Legion List though, but I am thinking that a company of Baneblades or Stormhammers with 3 Demolishers attached would make a pretty sturdy Break Their Spirit formation. In the Lost and the Damned, I was thinking of using them as singles to soak up some hits for any Hydras in the formation and for a little more short ranged firepower.

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