EPIC – Titan Legion Warhounds and Group Shots

Hi guys,

Still away from home at the moment but will be heading back tomorrow. Until then, this is the last post in the Titan Legion series featuring the 4 warhounds that complete the army.


There are two pairs of Warhounds to go with this Titan Legion, each set being armed differently. The first two each have an Inferno Gun (think massive flame thrower…) which with its BP3 and Ignores Cover rules makes it excellent at digging infantry out of cover something the other Titans might struggle with, and a Turbo-Laser Destructor which helps to add some long range fire-power so they are a threat while moving in.

The second pair are my armour hunting pack – armed with a Plasma Blast-Gun and a Turbo-Laser Destructor each they give great ranged threat and a good mix of MW and AT fire. Given how fast Warhounds are, the range on the TLD means that they can be hitting the enemy on the first turn. In game they seem to excel particularly at picking off the Eldar super-heavy tanks my friend Ben likes to hide in his back field.



Group 2
Group 2

So, that is my newly painted Titan Legion Army! One of the things I love about EPIC is being able to easily field a titan in a game without unbalancing it (40k Apocalypse…), and building a Titan Legion had always been something that I think really worked for EPIC. The list available for them is good, apart from the odd little thing, and it includes stats for all of the collectors weapons which I love messing about with.

Full army list, and new page, for them coming soon.


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