Looking back on 2013

This blog has been running for almost two years now, which I far longer than I had hoped for it to last. This year has been pretty tumultuous, both in the mini-wargaming world, and in terms of my “real” work.

A quick run down of the hobby happenings of this past year on here:

The biggest thing to happen was the breaking of the news of Specialist Games, both GW and FW, being pulled – which saw my blog stats go completely mental with 3000+ views per day. Luckily the withdrawal, apart from sending eBay BFG prices skyrocketing, has not had too much of an impact on my hobby or the hobby generally. With new manufacturers like Exodus Wars, Troublemaker Games, and DRM, the loss of GW stuff has not been too big of a blow.

I have managed to finish painting:

Gothic Imperial Navy Fleet
Gothic Imperial Navy Fleet

A 3,000pt Imperial Navy fleet using the Gothic Sector list.


A 7,500pt EPIC Titan Legions – This still needs tarting up with fancier bases, detail painting, and legion banners. Plus I have an Emperor Titan to add to the force.

My new posse
My new posse

A small Legends of the Old West Cavalry Posse.

Some of my WiP Epic Dark Angels
Some of my WiP Epic Dark Angels

I have also begun painting my EPIC Dark Angels, which I now have undercoated and base coloured.

Slightly less done than last year, but I think that is excusable given the work circumstance!

Quick picture
Steel Legion
Steel Legion

On the non-painting side of the hobby things have been a little different – the main thing being that I have gotten in 40k in a big way, collecting essentially three armies – Steel Legion, Sisters of Battle, and an Inquisition force – each of around 3,000pts.

I have also played my first ever game of Space Hulk, and picked up the amount of BFG, Necromunda, and Inquisimunda I have been playing. Sadly this means that Warhammer Fantasy and EPIC have taken a bit of a back seat, but I have still managed to get in a game or two.

Modelling wise, things have been relatively slow as well.

My work top
My work top

I have finished putting together a Bastion Imperial Navy Fleet (2,500pts) and a Chaos Maelstrom Fleet (1,500pts), but both now need painting etc.

4 thoughts on “Looking back on 2013

  1. Nice post, and I agree that GW falling over on the SG support hasn’t really had much of a negative impact. Great looking fleets and armies by the way!

    1. Thanks Chasseur, glad to hear you enjoyed it!

      I should have the last eldar pics and IG pics up soon.

      Have a good New Year!

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