BFG – Ordo Hereticus Inquisitorial Cruiser & Group Shots

Hi guys, Time for the final Inquisitorial Cruiser, this time from the Ordo Hereticus those inquisitors charged with hunting down the mutants and witches of the Imperium. Once again a stock Imperial Cruiser with some additions. I decided to draw on more of a Sisters of Battle vibe for this Cruiser, firstly to give it [...]

BFG – Ordo Malleus Inquisitorial Cruiser

Hi Guys, Another quick BFG update, this time of the Ordo Malleus Inquisitorial Cruiser which pairs up the Ordo Xenos Cruiser recently featured here. I figured that since I wanted to make at least one Inquisition ship, that I would go ahead and build one for each of the Ordos. They each have their own [...]