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6k Steel Legion v 6k Eldar – Army Lists

6k Steel Legion vs. Eldar

I recently returned from the home to Lancaster for the start of the university term  – and what better way to celebrate than getting in a game of epic? My two friends (Andy from Miniature Miscellany and Ben from Forgot My Tea) teamed up their eldar to face up against my (almost fully painted!) guard. I was using the Steel Legion list in this game, mostly because I could be bothered to set up all the trenchlines necessary, which are ultimately pointless against Eldar anyway, to play Siegemasters.

This post will have the opposing lists, and then once I get up to uni I will put together a fully featured, activation-by-activation battle report – not like my usual disjointed pictures and vague rememberances.


Steel Legion:

Reg HQ w/ Demolisher Platoon

Tank Company w/ Hydra

SHT Coy – 3 Baneblades

SHT Coy – 3 Stormhammers

Rough Riders x 2

Storm Troopers in Valkyries

2 x Basilisk Batteries

2 x Manticore Batteries


3 x 1 Shadowsword

Infantry company w/ Griffons

Tbolts x 2

Marauder Bombers


Ben’s Eldar:

Aspects in Wave Serpents, Exarch and Autarch

Guardians in Wave Serpents

Guardians w/ Wraithguard, Support Weapons

Revenant Titans

Void Spinner


2 x 3 Nightwings

Rangers x 4

Night Spinners



Andy’s Eldar:

Phantom Titan

2 x Falcons

2 x Guardians w/ Wraithguard (1 w/ Heavy Weapons)

Aspects in Wave Serpents

2 x Jetbikes

Rangers x 4

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Vultures and Supreme HQ

Vulture Flight

I have done a little more painting recently of the Vultures I have. These are the Games Workshop Specialist Games models and are not the greatest. Lots of flash and tiny little places to glue the downturned wingflaps on make them a real pain to assemble.

Poor photo I know…

I have gone for a dark red Inquisitorial theme so I can use them as Valkyries for Stormtrooper as well. I have only tried Vultures once and after partially damaging a Warhound titan they quickly died. I know that they have a fearsome reputation on the internet but they have never made their way into my lists since as they are too fragile.

Supreme Commander Stand

I have also painted up the stand I am going to use for my Supreme Commander – A psyker, a captain, the commander, a vox caster and a Commissar.

Apologies for the poor photos this week, I am not sure why they are any worse than normal…

Feel free to comment etc guys.

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400 Green Guardsmen, sitting on a wall…

Hi guys,

Just a quick post to let you know that I have now painted my 400th EPIC Guardsman model. That is 80 stands of infantry which will allow me to field either:

8 Siege Infantry Companies

6 Steel Legion Infantry Companies and one Platoon upgrade

11 Stigmatus Covens – 8 formations of 10 cultists and 2 Big Mutants each and three wholly mutant covens.



I have enough commander stands for each combination, and as you can see in one of the pics above I have a Supreme Commander stand ready to paint. I will confess that this guardmen total is slightly less than I had originally planned to paint – I have about 20 stands of shame currently hiding in my bitz box – and that I still have 16 stands of Ogryn to paint to go with them. However it feels like a pretty decent achievement, and I have a massive feeling of relief!

Other stuff on the painting table at the moment are the Regimental HQ stand, some Bombards and a pair of the old Deathstrike Missile Launchers. Also check out Jaded Gamercast, a podcast that I often listen to while painting or skiing.

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Ragnarok is nigh!

Just got back from Switzerland today and powered through painting some more infantry stands. I will spare you yet more pictures of the same paintjobs on the same models and just say I now have 24 stands painted!

12 Ragnarok Tanks

I have also done some of the models I am using for Ragnarok tanks from the Seigemasters list. Raganaroks are low-tech Leman Russes – slower and worse weapons – but they have the Walker special ability. In Epic this means they can re-roll thier failed dangerous terrain tests. This is great given the amount of terrain I like to have on my board at home (pics to come) and because the trenches and barbed wire that comes with the Seigemasters list can pose a threat to armoured vehicles.



The models are the Exodus Wars Apollo SPA Battery models ( see here ). They give off just the right style for a lower tech main battle tank, plus they look almost exactly the same as the GW models.

3 GW models for £15.50 or 3 EW models for £7.95...

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The important thing about Guard…

…Is that the waves of infantry should be neverending!


I have alot of infantry to paint. To be specific I have 150 stands of infantry to paint, something I have avoided facing for far too long. In low times I have been tempted to just run a complete armoured force (either Minervans or Ulani), but then the mad WW1 general inside kicks back and I find myself playing Baran Siegemasters. From now on I’ll be trying to paint a batch of 12 – about as many as I can face doing at one time – between each of the other interesting things.


I went for a super simple paint scheme on these guys. Havign been sprayed Army Painter Uniform Gray like the tanks, I then picked ou the helmets and sashes with some Dark Angels green and the weapons with some Gore red. A dab of Boltgun Metal on the end of the lasguns and a Badab Black wash rounded them off. As you have probably already noticed I am not a great painter – aiming for battle ready rather than masterpiece – and I try and keep all my miniature paintjobs even on 28mm down to less than 10 colours. In Epic the scale of 6mm and the majesty of a fully-painted army often hide my painting shame!

I have also been working away on a Sentinel formation and eight of the Forgeworld Medusa models. These are going to be standing in for Basilisks when I am playing Lost and the Damned, or running as Medusas in the Minervan list. The ninth Medusa model got snaffled by my friend Ben for the base of one of his Eldar objective markers (link to his blog Forgot My Tea is on the blogroll)

Side View

Sentinel Troop

Note I have tried to pick out the searchlights on these in the same way as I have done on my Griffon Mortars futher down the page. The Badab Black wash went on the metal Sentinels much better than it did on the resin Medusas, something I will have to watch for in future.

Forgeworld Medusa Models

Just one.

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