EPIC – Titan Legion Reavers

Hi guys,

I am currently off on holiday to Belgium with my boyfriend, but have scheduled this to post automatically even though I am away. I am away for about a week but should have enough posts to keep you entertained until I am back.

First, below are the six Reaver Titans that make up the bulk of my Titan Legion. Each Reaver mounts three titan level weapons, has 4 Void Shields, can take 6 points of damage before dying and are relatively speedy.

Reaver Titans
Reaver Titans

Each of the six titans belongs to one of three ‘work groups’, with each pair being dedicated to a particular role on the battlefield – either artillery, mid-range firepower, or assault.

Mid-range firepower (top right & top middle)

Reaver with 2 x Plasma Cannons, 1 x Support Missile: The slow fire on the 6 x MW2+ thrown out by the Plasma Cannons syncs up well with the one-shot nature of the Support Missile. Fire the Plasma Cannons turn 1, move up and fire the Support Missile at a seperate target in turn 2, and then have the Plasma Cannons back and ready to fire Turn 3. The Support Missiles are quite interesting too, providing a choice between Vortex (BP3, Macro-Weapon, Titan Killer (1), Ignores Cover), Warp (MW2+, Titan Killer(D3), Ignores Shields), Deathstrike (MW2+, Titan Killer(D6)) and Barrage (10BP, Disrupt).

Reaver with 2 x Laser Blasters, 1 x Volcano Cannon: Forming the mid-range group with the Reaver directly above, this Reaver excels at taking down Void Shields and then blowing away titans! Each Laser Blaster throws out 6 x AT3+/AP5+, meaning on average it will strip 8 Voids at 60cm, before the TK(D3) of the Volcano Cannon hopefully blows a big chunk out of the now unshielded titan. The twelve AT 3+ will also make a complete mess of any armoured formations that happen to stray out into the open.

Artillery (top left & bottom left):

Reaver with 3 x Quake Cannons: Although the 2 x Quake Cannon, 1 x Carapace Landing Pad Reaver is more fashionable and more powerful, I think it approaches a little bit too cheesy for the type of games I play. Still, throwing out 9 BP of macro-goodness to 90cm is good enough for me!

Reaver with 2 x Missile Launchers, 1 x Titan CCW: A much cheaper titan than its artillery brother (850pts vs 650pts), the Missile Launchers provide it with a decent amount of firepower (6BP @ 60cm) while hopefully the TCCW can help to protect both titans against pesky teleporters looking to destroy them.


Two identical Reavers here, both with a TCCW, a Melta Cannon and a Laser Burner. Each titan is supposed to advance up the board and threaten objectives and they are loaded out with that in mind. The Melta Cannon provides them with a little short-ranged fire power (MW2+ (TKD3) @ 30cm), but the main reason for them is that is adds an extra TK(D6) fire fight attack to the Reaver. This syncs well with the Laser Burner which gives an additional two FF attacks and an additional 4 CC attacks. With the TCCW it means the Reaver will throw out 8 3+ FF attacks and a TK D6 attack, while in Close combat it will produce 10 3+ attacks and 3 TK(D3) attacks. Not bad!


Quick question that has only just struck me – If the assault Reavers are in an engagement where there are enemy unit in base contact and in firefight range, could it chose to use its Melta Cannon for FF, its TCCW for CC, its Laser Burner for CC, and its base attacks for FF? Giving it 3 x TK(D3) + 4 3+ CC attacks AND 1 x TK(D6) + 6 3+ FF attacks? Crazy!


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