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Ragnarok is nigh!

Just got back from Switzerland today and powered through painting some more infantry stands. I will spare you yet more pictures of the same paintjobs on the same models and just say I now have 24 stands painted!

12 Ragnarok Tanks

I have also done some of the models I am using for Ragnarok tanks from the Seigemasters list. Raganaroks are low-tech Leman Russes – slower and worse weapons – but they have the Walker special ability. In Epic this means they can re-roll thier failed dangerous terrain tests. This is great given the amount of terrain I like to have on my board at home (pics to come) and because the trenches and barbed wire that comes with the Seigemasters list can pose a threat to armoured vehicles.



The models are the Exodus Wars Apollo SPA Battery models ( see here ). They give off just the right style for a lower tech main battle tank, plus they look almost exactly the same as the GW models.

3 GW models for £15.50 or 3 EW models for £7.95...

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Viz – Repost from Warseer

Saw this over on Warseer and found it very amusing. My own GW sales assistant story is pretty similar. My boyfriend and I were in GW York one day as I needed to buy some pots of Devlan Mud. I grabbed my paint pots and went to the counter to pay. The shop assistant says “Oh, Devlan Mud? What are they for?” I reply “My Dwarf army”. The instant reply is “Dwarves? You should get this” he says holding up a Space Wolf Battalion Box, “They have beards too…”.


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