WHFB Dogs of War Army

Hey all, You might not remember but a while ago I had the pleasant surprise of finding a Dogs of War army I had bought and then completely forgotten about. Well when moving it came back into the forefront of my mind and I chose to leave it out and have a rootle through what [...]

EPIC: 4k Titan Legions vs. 1000 Sons

Hi guys, Back to EPIC for the first time in absolutely ages, I hope you all enjoyed the digression in Fantasy. I have a 4k game versus my friend Ben arranged for this afternoon and have decided to dust off my Titan Legion and take them out for a spin. Given that the points were [...]

6k Steel Legion v 6k Eldar – Army Lists

I recently returned from the home to Lancaster for the start of the university term  - and what better way to celebrate than getting in a game of epic? My two friends (Andy from Miniature Miscellany and Ben from Forgot My Tea) teamed up their eldar to face up against my (almost fully painted!) guard. I was [...]