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Looking forward to 2013…

Having gotten the reminiscing out of the way, here is what I plan to get done in the next 9-12 months.




Blog wise:

1) Finally get pictures of my EPIC Chaos Marines and Eldar up on the blog. They have featured in battle reports, but still do not have good pictures of them up here.

2) Get full army / fleet pictures up for any armies that do not have them.

3) Post up about the 7,500pts Titan Legion and 7,000pts Daemon World armies I have recently painted but not yet posted.

4) Do more Daemon World playtesting / battle reports.


BFG bits and pieces

BFG bits and pieces

Painting wise:

1) Paint the 3,000pts of Imperial BFG I still have to do. Currently sprayed Dark Green.

2) Paint the 5,500pts of EPIC E&C Marines I have as Dark Angels.

3) Strip and re-paint the BFG Space Marine fleet to match.

4) Paint 30 WHFB Greatswords to finish off my Empire army.

5) Finish off remaining BFG ships – Rogue Traders bits and pieces, Spacefleet based Inquisitorial Fleet etc.


Steel Legion

Steel Legion


1) Convert Cultists into stand-in Heavies for Necromunda

2) Buy a 40k army (shock! horror!) – currently negotiating for a Steel Legion guard army

3) Possibly buy an Escher gang – got to love those Jes Goodwin sculpts!

Let me know in the comments section what your plans for this year are, what you got for Christmas, what you want the blog to cover etc!

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Game Weekend – EPIC

On the Sunday of our weekend of gaming, Mike joined Ben, Andy and I for a big game of Epic. We had decided to go for Mike’s Space Marines and Ben’s Thousand Sons versus Andy’s Saim Hann Eldar and my Siegemasters – switching the sides up a little bit from our last big game. The game ended with the Eldar and Imperial Guard in control of more of the objectives, although there were still alot of forces left on the table ready to tussle!

First moves towards the Siege lines


Stormhammer Company blows away some Thousand Sons


Eldar advance


Warhounds and Shadowswords play peek-a-boo through the ruins


Preparing a big assault


Combined assault by the Eldar on some exposed Marines


Teleporters and Artillery take thier toll


Marines take back the armoured bunker


1000 Son Defilers seize a central objective


The 1000 Sons retreat having been beaten back by the Seigers


Marines hold onto the centre with Mechanicum support


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VASSAL – Breaking my hobby drought

Hi guys,

Ben and I tried out Vassal for the first time yesterday. For those who don’t know Vassal is a game engine for building and playing online adaptations of board games and card games online, and has a variety of modules to choose from. One of the available modules is for EPIC, and we tried out a little 500pt skirmish – Chaos Marines vs. Eldar.

Warp Spiders engage a Retinue

I moved my Retinue up into some ruins and shot at the Warp Spiders, laying a blast marker. They retaliated by engaging – but were heavily beaten by the Chaos Marines, not helped by Ben’s abysmal rolling.

Guardian engage Raptors

I had moved my Raptors up, only for them to be enagaged by Ben’s Guardian formation. Some crazy eldar armour saves meant that the raptors lost and were destroyed. The guardians then swung around and faced off against the marines, loosing in an engage.

Guardians vs. Retinue

Overall, VASSAL seems pretty cool to me with lots of unit choice and a good interface. I think once we got into the groove that it would not take that much longer than a regular game, as it cuts out the coffee breaks and digressions into how Wood Elves don’t suck that much. It is such a pity that no-one else ever seems to be online on the Epic module, however I hope Ben and I will be able to use it again sometime.

One other thing: 2000 all-time views for the blog over the six months it has been in operation. If you are reading this, please hit the ‘Follow Blog’ button or comment as it provides great encouragement!

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3k Saim Hann vs. Slaanesh Black Legion

Andy and I had another game this afternoon – 3k of his Saim Hann versus 3k of my Slaanesh aligned Chaos Space Marines. Andy ended winning in turn 4 with 2 objectives to my one. I promise, I don’t usually lose this much!

Andy trying out some Aspects on foot this game

I had taken a drop list with  3 Retinues (2 Drop, 1 with a DPrince in Rhinos), 2 Forlorn Hopes, 1 Terminator formation of 4 stands, 2 Bike Companies, 2 Feral Titans and a Despoiler Battleship. I think it worked pretty well, although the Ferals did not last long against Andy’s Phantom Titan and its Pulsars and I think my drop came one turn too late to swing the game back in my favour.

Aspects in Wave Serpents and Jetbikes hanging around my Blitz

Andy had taken a very similar list to the last time – although everything is painted now – but had added some more infantry formations. He had also taken an Aspect Warrior formation on foot which under-performed, but his Wave Serpent mounted Aspects had a good game. He had taken a combination of his newly painted Howling Banshees and Fire Dragons.

Phantom Titan

Once Andy’s Phantom had blown one of me Ferals into chunks, I managed to get off an engage on it with my Terminator formations with my Supreme Commander Retinue in support. It went well, with me causing 4 points of damage for 2 losses, but due to the dice Andy won the engagement and his titan remained unbroken. It went on to blow the other Feral into pieces and break my SC formation!

Drop-podding onto Andy’s Blitz

My drop came in on Turn 3, with the Orbital Bombardment just clipping one stand of Rangers and the Pin-points finishing off the Phantom and breaking Andy’s Avatar. Unfortunately by that point Andy had managed to waste enough of my on-board formations that the two retinues could not really pull it back for me.

The game ended with Andy claiming Take and Hold and Break Their Spirit to me only being able to claim Break Their Spirit for killing the Phantom.


We also played a mini game of Battlefleet Gothic, to introduce Andy to the game. He took control of a few chaos cruisers of mine and I played with my new Ork fleet. Andy absolutely trashed me – not helped by me failing to ram his ships twice!

Pics here!

Escort on Escort

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