MWIH – My week in Hobby 6

Hi again guys, I hope everyone is well, and getting the most out of the hobby! This week, I played in another multi-player game of Legends of the Old West, a GW historicals game dealing with the Wild West, the US-Mexico Wars, the Indian Wars etc. Overall a good game with interesting movement and shooting [...]

MWIH – My Week in Hobby 2

Hi guys, Welcome to the second post in this series, slightly less full than last week! This week, on Wednesday, I played another game of Mighty Empire as a board game against two of my friends, Mike and Tom. It well well, although some issues cropped up with the way in which the realms are [...]

Looking back on 2013

This blog has been running for almost two years now, which I far longer than I had hoped for it to last. This year has been pretty tumultuous, both in the mini-wargaming world, and in terms of my "real" work. A quick run down of the hobby happenings of this past year on here: The [...]