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Hey guys,

Just a quick update – I am moving again, though hopefully this time it will be for a little longer than the last 9 months I’ve spent in Stoke On Trent. I am moving to Wales, a little town called Lampeter, to take up a new job at the University there.

Hopefully once the actual moving things are out of the way I will be able to pick up the hobby again and I have already reached out to the Wargaming Society to see about games. Slightly excited about the possibility to properly gaming again!


Somewhat spurred on by that excitement, I have been pottering about sorting out a lot of my models / armies, trying to get them in a good ready state for undercoating / basing / painting. Always the least exciting bit of getting an army finished I find, but it can really pay dividends to the end result. I have mostly been focused on my WH40k Steel Legion army (hence the pics!), making sure that all the models have all the bits they are supposed to and going around adding a few bits and pieces. I have looked to add some minor conversions to the four Veteran squads I have, adding some shotguns / pouches / bayonets / grenades etc, to help them stand out from the other metal guardsmen. Quite happy, although the shotguns do look a little odd…


Otherwise I have been busy sorting out a Warmaster Empire army ready for basing / painting and putting together a to-buy list for an opposing Warmaster Vampire Counts list. Also got my eye on some beautiful proxy miniatures for Inquisimunda / Necromunda Arbites!

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Into the Breach! – EPIC Tournament


Hi guys,

So as you might be aware I have not really been playing much of anything lately, having packed up my stuff a while ago and since moved to London. Since then I have been pretty busy trying to find a job and with some writing, but recently I found out that there was going to be an EPIC tournament called “Into the Breach” at Dark Sphere Gaming in London yesterday. I figured it was a good excuse to a) play some games b) meet new people and c) find out where I could continue to get games in London in the future. I just didn’t want to finish last…



Well I went yesterday, and I have to say it satisfied on all three counts! I played three games against a variety of lovely people, met even more nice people, and have found out where my best chances for getting some specialist gaming in the future are. I took my Dark Angles, playing them just as Codex Marines, with a full Battle Company and no Thunderhawk or Warhounds… So not exactly stellar, but fun to play.


My first game was against a lovely chap playing Steel Legion – four(?) Mech Infantry Companies on his side and two Warhounds drove me to a very convincing loss. I just couldn’t shift any of the infantry out of cover and mucked up a couple of decisions early on, but some last minute maneuvering maade it 3-0 rather than 5-0.

My second game was against a guy called Charles, playing Ulthwe Eldar with some Revenant titans and a lot of Guardians. His was a very nice army, that promptly steam-rollered one of my flanks, the Revenants basically deleting a Marine formation with every activation. My Terminators bounced off them in an engage and theere wasn’t much more I could do. Luckily I was able to push up on the other flank and hold it to a 2-1 loss. I was getting better!


My third game was against another army I had never faced – Knights! Played by the lovely Alun, they proved a really interesting list to face with plenty of firepower and resilience. I played much more aggressively in this game, slammming my Landspeeders and Scouts up into the Knight’s faces, which seemed to pay off as a number of formations were broken. I quickly learnt to try and knock them off while broken as they are not fearless and came incredibly close to killing off the BTS. Sadly, I kind of mistook the end of turn 2 for the end of turn three and was a little careless in going after things, which came back to bite me as we ended in a score draw.

Still, I had managed to avoid the ignominy of finishing last or losing all three games (just!) and had a total blast of a day. Sorry I didn’t manage to get any in game pics, next time I will. Otherwise hopefully some of the newly painted Dark Angels will do for now. Now all I need to do is crack on with painting up th last bits and pieces of my Dark Angels (Land Raiders, Predators, Vindicators, Thunderhawks, Bikes)!

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Looking forward to 2014…

Having gotten the reminiscing out of the way, here is what I plan to get done over the next year:



Blog wise

Finish the EPIC Eldar army pics – 1 more post to go

Do EPIC Imperial Guard army pics

Finish the Lost and the Damned Tactica series – Daemon Engines and Air Support still to go

Get full Army / Fleet pics up for those that do not have them

Do more Daemon World playtesting / battle reports


Time to get painting!

Time to get painting!

Painting wise

Finish painting my EPIC Dark Angels

Finish painting my Necromunda gangs – Delaque, Pit Slaves, Escher, Redemptionist figures

Paint a 40k Army – probably Steel Legion

Finish off my Rogue Trader fleet – its composition has changed significantly since the last time it featured here

Paint up the remaining BFG models to match their fleets – Ork capital ships, Imperial light cruisers etc

Paint BFG Maelstrom and Bastion Fleets


The original Mighty Empires

The original Mighty Empires

Hobby wise

Convert a 1,000pt-ish Dark Eldar and Tyranid fleet for BFG from 40k bits

Organise all the Inquisition models I have into a coherent force

Work out how the original WHFB Mighty Empires works

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Looking back on 2013

This blog has been running for almost two years now, which I far longer than I had hoped for it to last. This year has been pretty tumultuous, both in the mini-wargaming world, and in terms of my “real” work.

A quick run down of the hobby happenings of this past year on here:

The biggest thing to happen was the breaking of the news of Specialist Games, both GW and FW, being pulled – which saw my blog stats go completely mental with 3000+ views per day. Luckily the withdrawal, apart from sending eBay BFG prices skyrocketing, has not had too much of an impact on my hobby or the hobby generally. With new manufacturers like Exodus Wars, Troublemaker Games, and DRM, the loss of GW stuff has not been too big of a blow.

I have managed to finish painting:

Gothic Imperial Navy Fleet

Gothic Imperial Navy Fleet

A 3,000pt Imperial Navy fleet using the Gothic Sector list.



A 7,500pt EPIC Titan Legions – This still needs tarting up with fancier bases, detail painting, and legion banners. Plus I have an Emperor Titan to add to the force.

My new posse

My new posse

A small Legends of the Old West Cavalry Posse.

Some of my WiP Epic Dark Angels

Some of my WiP Epic Dark Angels

I have also begun painting my EPIC Dark Angels, which I now have undercoated and base coloured.

Slightly less done than last year, but I think that is excusable given the work circumstance!

Quick picture


Steel Legion

Steel Legion

On the non-painting side of the hobby things have been a little different – the main thing being that I have gotten in 40k in a big way, collecting essentially three armies – Steel Legion, Sisters of Battle, and an Inquisition force – each of around 3,000pts.

I have also played my first ever game of Space Hulk, and picked up the amount of BFG, Necromunda, and Inquisimunda I have been playing. Sadly this means that Warhammer Fantasy and EPIC have taken a bit of a back seat, but I have still managed to get in a game or two.

Modelling wise, things have been relatively slow as well.

My work top

My work top

I have finished putting together a Bastion Imperial Navy Fleet (2,500pts) and a Chaos Maelstrom Fleet (1,500pts), but both now need painting etc.

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EPIC – Lesser Daemons

Hi again guys,

Next up are the lesser daemons for Khorne, Nurgle and Tzeentch for this army. Each gets formed into a Daemonic Horde of between 6 – 12 stands with a Herald character, and then can have a variety of upgrades. Plus, having these daemons painted up means I can use them as normal lesser daemons for my Lost and the Damned or Chaos space Marine armies.

13 Plaguebearers

13 Plaguebearers

Plaguebearers are excellent in EPIC, especially in the original rules where they were heavily armoured, good in CC, and pretty good in FF too. Still, since their downgrade (the FF got dropped to a 6+) they are still excellent at beefing up a cultist mob or providing the Daemon World list with a solid defensive formation, especially when upgraded with a Chaos Altar for AA and some 4+ Reinforced Armour.

8 Bloodletters

8 Bloodletters

7 Flesh Hounds

7 Flesh Hounds

Next up are the Khornate daemons – Bloodletters and Flesh Hounds. Both are heavily combat focused which makes them a little less useful than the mixed role Plaguebearers and the FF orientated Tzeentch daemons, however the Flesh Hounds do give a chaotic player a very sneak trick. Choosing to summon them instead of Bloodletters on a Khorne aligned formation allows for a truly gigantic engage move of 40cm. The Flesh Hounds 20cm base move is doubled as they have the Infiltrator special rule, meaning that the player can often surprise their opponent with a long engage.

12 Horrors

12 Horrors

12 Flamers

12 Flamers

Last up in this post are the Tzeentch Daemons – Horrors and Flamers. Normally most of my Lost and the Damned lists are Tzeentch aligned as I like the fluff and enjoy the firefight punch they provide to the Cultists and Mutants which make up most of the list. Flamers are especially nasty with 2 x 4+ FF attacks each, which is part of the reason Horrors are the core Tzeentch daemon in the Daemon World list!


New 40k Army

New 40k Army

In other news, I have recently finished the second last chapter of my thesis, started running a Fantasy Mighty Empires Campaign for my local club, and bought a 3,000-ish point Steel Legion 40k army.


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Looking back on 2012…

The blog has been running for about 10 months now, much longer than I expected it to last! Just wanted to say a big thank you to anyone reading / commenting on it, as blog views are what make my day. Please feel free to share the link around among friends etc.

New BFG Terrain pieces

New BFG Terrain pieces


Hobby wise, I think this year has gone pretty well.

I have managed to finish:


A 2500pt WHFB Empire army (painted in two weeks in January, while my boyfriend was at work)




A 15,000pt EPIC mixed Imperial Guard / Traitor IG / Siegemasters army



Eldar (Wraithships not shown)

A 3,000pt BFG Eldar fleet




A 2,000pt BFG Bakka fleet


Rogue Trader Fleet

Rogue Trader Fleet

A 2,000-ish pt BFG Rogue Trader Fleet


Orkz - without Kroozers

Orkz – without Kroozers

A 1,000-ish pt BFG Ork Fleet


Space Marines - missing one Strike Cruiser

Space Marines – missing one Strike Cruiser

A 1,000pt BFG Space Marine Fleet


Defences - since painted

Defences – since painted

About 700pts worth of BFG Defences


Salvation's Fire

Salvation’s Fire

A Necromunda Redemptionist Gang.


I have also painted, but not blogged about yet:

A 7,500pt EPIC Titan Legion army (quickly painted, still needs a little work)

A 7,000pt EPIC Daemon army

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6k Steel Legion vs. Eldar – Turn 3

Turn 2 saw the Eldar launch a massive combined assault on the Imperial left flank, which while successful was too costly to allow them to capitalise on it. In return the Imperial concentrated on wiping out the Eldar right flank, breaking as many formations as possible.

Start of Turn 3

At the beginning of the turn the Eldar choose to summon the Avatar on the Guardian formation on the far right flank, that had previously been broken by the combined firepower of a Manticore Battery and the Marauder Bombers. However the IG (finally!) win the Strategy Roll and call an engagement with the Rough Riders that were previously screening the Phantom Titan on the Guardian formation. Using some dodgy positioning they manage to contact the Guardians and Wraithguard rather than the nasty Avatar, and while they are wiped out they manage to cause enough casualties to break the Guardian formation before it can even activate. I choose to retain with my Stormhammer company down on the far left flank and fire at the remants of an Aspect formation, killing one Wave Serpent and breaking them.

Falcons pop out from behind cover

Passing the activation over to the Eldar players, they choose to sustain with a Falcon formation in the middle of the board at the Griffon Company currently camped on an objective – the Falcons score 6 hits and conclusively destroy the lone remaining Griffon. In return I activate one of my Shadowswords to fire at the Revenants, hoping to kill them before they can mince my armoured formations nearby, and hit but unfortunately it is holofielded, only laying a BM. Andy then tries to activate his Jetbike formation that had previously broken the Shadowsword , but fails. He fires on it anayway, laying a blastmarker. Seizing the oppurtunity, I activate my Baneblade company, and crossing my fingers that they will do better than in the last turn, choose to sustain on the Revenant titans. Obviously the Emperor has decided to pay attention to the gunners’ prayers and this time the flurry of shots finds its mark – destroying the titans outright.

Those guardians have walked almost the width of the board…

Andy then doubles his big Guardian formation forwards, using the Support / Heavy Weapons to break it. In response, and hoping to reduce the number of unbroken formations in my half of the board, I advance the Manticores and fire thier Heavy Bolters at the Jetbike formation. Already close to breaking, they just hold thier nerve and remain unbroken. Seeking to do the same thing, Ben’s Voidspinner fires on my clumped up Griffon Company on an objective. The sticky monofilament fibres rain down, slicing up one stand of Guardsmen, but laying down three blastmarkers. I choose to respond by using the other Manticore Battery to hammer the red Guardians pictured above, killing 2, and laying 4 BM. Ben the activates his Scorpion, that has spent the game so far firing at little men on horses, to finally shoot at something worthwhile. The Scorpion breaks my recently rallied Regimental HQ, depriving me of the re-roll. I fire one of my Basilisk formation at the Jetbikes, finally breaking them not from kills but just form the weight of fire they have attracted. Seeing that my artillery will cause them problems if left unattended, Nightwings are sent in to hit the other Basilisk formation, killing one piece and breaking the formation. I then choose to regroup the the Griffon Company (which now has no Griffons…), hoping that they can remain unbroken, on an objective and in my opponents half of the board. They succeed and shed almost all of thier blastmarkers.


Hoping to at least get some revenge on the Shadowswords that have caused them so much trouble this game, the Eldar fly in some Nightwings, targetting a Shadowsword within my meagre AA bubble. They score one hit, but luckily the armour holds up even against thier Lance weaponry.

Rumble, rumble, rumble


I then activate my Tank Company to advance, shooting at relatively close range against the Guardian formation that was posing such a problem for me. Again the Tank Company shines, managing 15 hits and killing all of the formation bar 2 stands of Wraithguard and the Farseer.


It is at this point that I want to kick myself. I had completely forgotten that the Eldar still had a massive Wraith-upgraded Guardian formation in the Webway. Ben activates it and proceeds to occupy the exact same spot as the formations I had spent so much firepower trying to dislodge! Damn Eldar!

Baneblades ready to roll

From this point on the game is really just mopping up on both sides, the newly arrived Guardians firing at my Baneblade company but only laying a BM, while my AA bubble at last manages to down a Nightwing on the way off board.

So as we had to clear up, the game ended at the end of turn three. Out of the objectives, only one had been achieved, the Imperials stealing an early point with thier destruction of the Phantom Titan, the Eldar Break Thier Spirit formation. Given the look of the board at the end of the game, the Imperials seemed to be gaining the upper hand, with the newly arrived Guardian formation and the two lurking SHT’s being the only appreciable threats left.

Personally I really enjoyed the game, and it was great to catch up with Ben and Andy after a long, game-less, summer. I think the Steel Legion list really shines at bigger points levels, when 650pts for a Tank Company suddenly doesn’t seem quite so bad! The formation of the match has to be my Tank Company, as it performed the task needed from it every turn – knocking out the Phantom Holofields to allow the Deathstrikes a chance Turn 1, and then mincing upgraded Guardian formations on turns 2 and 3. My entire Imperial army is now painted and totals about 14,000pts. Pictures of the completed formations to come,a nd one of these days I will get a whole army photo. Hope you all enjoyed the bat-rep, and please subscribe or leave a comment if you did!

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6K Steel Legion vs. Eldar – Turn 2

Turn 2:

So at the end of Turn 1 the game hung in the balance, with a burgeoning mega-engage taking shape on the left hand flank while the Imperials were gaining ground on the right. Once again the Eldar win the Strategy Roll, and swiftly declare a combined assault, needing thier supreme commander re-roll to make sure the orders get through. The Guardians in Wave Serpents and Aspects Warriors in Wave Serpents converge on my Regimental HQ, jumping out of thier Wave Serpents only to be met by a blistering hail of artillery fire from the Manticore battery I had placed on OW. Only two Guardians die due to the Wave Serpent saves, but a mighty 7 blastmarkers are laid down – hopefully this will be enough to swing the engagement in my favour.

The critical turning point

In the engagment, the Eldar manage to destroy 2 Demolishers, 1 Chimera and 5 stands of Guardsmen, while the Reg HQ manages loads of hits, killing the Farseer and 6 Guardian stands.

Reg HQ withdraws

Unfortunately I have not quite managed to do well enough and the Reg HQ breaks withdrawing back onto an objective. However I have managed to effectively destroy the offensive potential of the Eldar formations involved. Hoping to capitalise on my now weakened flank, the canny Eldar generals retain with the Revenant titans to sustain on the nearby Stormhammer Company – all that MW fire sees one tank destroyed. Hoping to get some revenge, I activate one of my Shadowswords but fail, choosing to snipe out a Falcon from a nearby formation, breaking them and causign them to flee over to the buildings on the right hand flank. Seeing my plan to destroy the Falcons, Andy activates them and shoots at the Valkyries in the centre of the table blowing apart three of the relatively flimsy skimmers.


In a long range charge I activate the centre Rough Riders for an engage on the intermingled Rangers and broken Falcons on the right flank. The Rough Riders manage to defeat the Rangers and Falcons and destroy them.

Seeing the damage that Rough Riders can do if left to thier own devices and continuing the pattern set last turn, Ben chooses to sustain his Scorpion SHT into the other Rough Rider formation, wiping them out. In retaliation, and seeing no Nightwings on CAP, I send my Tbolts into ground attack the Night Spinners on the right flank, laying a BM but nothing else. Then, after having two of my Stormtroopers killed by enemy fire from Andy’s Guardian formation moving into the centre of the board, I advance the Griffon Company (that only has one Griffon left!) onto the objective and lay a token BM on the nearby Falcons. Andy then activates out of the Webway a formation of Jetbikes with a Vyper – just the Vyper firing manages to break one of my Shadowswords – while my Baneblades try to polish off Ben’s Revenant Titans. Even though they unload alot of firepower, the Eldar still have thier holofields and only one DC is caused on the previously unharmed Titan.

Nightwings dodge between the buildings

Eldar Nightwings them swoop down on my unactivated artillery, hoping to degrade thier performance before they even get the chance to fire. They lay a BM, but are unable to stop them activating next and breaking another Eldar Falcon formation. At this point I am trying to break as many formations as possible, hoping that they will struggle to regroup at the end of the turn and I can turn the tide of the battle and begin advancing! While Andy places his Rangers on the left flank on OW, I fire a lone Shadowsword at Ben’s Night Spinners, blowing one apart and breaking the formation.

Lone Shadowsword and Tank Company hold the right flank

Having now out-activated the Eldar given thier retentions and number of broken formations, I fired my un-blastmarkered Basilisks on the recent emerged Jetbikes, killing 1, and fired the last Shadowsword at them as well, killing another. The last activation of the game is a long left-ward swing for the Tank Company, bringing half thier number within 30cm of the Guardian formation hiding amount the sandstone stacks in the centre of the board. The firepower destroys a good chunk of the formation and shows the superiority of the Leman russ over any papier-mache armoured Eldar machine!

The end of Turn 2 sees the battle begin to swing in favour of the Imperial Guard. While the Eldar pushed hard on the left flank at the beginning of the turn, there are enough Imperial formations to just about hold the line. On the right flank the Eldar have been almost completely destroyed or broken and the Imperials seem to be securely in control of the centre of the board and its objectives. Still there are a lot of powerful Eldar formations still in play, including the Revenant Titans and SHT’s, as well as the possiblity of them summoning the Avatar.

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6K Steel Legion vs. 6K Eldar – TURN 1

6k Steel Legion vs. 6k Eldar

Following on from the previous post, this is the battle report of a recent game between Andy, Ben and I.



I had deployed across the board, concentrating most of my offensive firepower on either flanks – the right being held by my BTS Tank Company, while the Reg HQ and 2 SHT companies were ready to push onto the objectives on the left of the board. The two cunning Eldar generals had also deployed fairly loosely, although there did seem to be more offensive weight on the left hand flank with a couple of lurking Engines of Vaul backing up some Aspect warriors. Thier maneuverability and speed meant that I could really only deploy in a generic way rather than in anticipation of thier battle plan.

Rangers garrison in the reinforced buildings

On the Eldar right flank, they had garrisoned some rangers quite far forward in the buildings, screening off a group of Wraithguard upgraded Guardians, Guardians in Wave Serpents, and some Night Spinners.

Tank Coy

On my right flank, I had placed my Tank Company, hoping that thier long range and resilience would pay off over the more open terrain on this side of the board.

Infantry with Griffons looking for some cover!

Backing the Tank Company up, I had placed an Infantry Company with Griffon support, hoping to move them up into the cover of the central buildings. I realise that this unit pick is a bit strange, but I had the points left over for the griffon upgrade and have quite liked them when I have used them in the Lost and the Damned list in the past.

Eldar left flank

The Eldar left flank seemed to me to have most of thier heavy-hitters – Revenant titans, Voidspinner, Scorpion, Aspects in Wave Serpents… They had also garrisoned thier second formation of Rangers in some forward buildings. Facing off against them on my side of the table was the Stormhammer Company, the Baneblade Company and my Regimental HQ with Demolishers.

Turn 1:

The game began with the tricksy Eldar winning the activation roll (typical!) and the team quickly decided to place a formation of Nightwings on CAP hoping to dissaude me from using my air power. In retaliation, I placed one of my Tbolt flights on CAP. I was quite low on AA in this game with only 3 Hydras on the ground, so needed to try and protect my formations from the lethal Nightwings. The Guardian formation on the left flank then moved up to sieze the Genatorium building, snuggling thier heavy weapons into cover.

Griffon Company advances

I doubled my Infantry Company with Griffons forward, just managing to reach the safety of the buildings in the centre of the board, and fired on the garrisoned Ranger formation opposite. No kills, but a blast marker had been laid. We then began to utilise some of the artillery on the board with the Eldar Voidspinner hoping to suppress some of my Basilisks by laying two blast markers down on them. In return I activated one of my Manticore formations to sustain fire on the Guardian formation on the extreme right flank that had not yet had the chance to move up into cover – 7 BM laid and 2 dead Guardians showed the Eldar the meaning of Imperial firepower! First blood to the Imperials.

Falcons move, shoot, move

Falcons that have shot at my Griffons scoot into the centre of the board

Andy then choose to bring forward some of his Falcons, shooting at the Griffon Infantry Company, before scooting away. The pulse weapons easily picked out the few armoured targets in the formation, destroying two of the three Griffons. Hoping to deal with the looming Phantom titan, or at least put a BM down on it, I try to activate one of my Shadowswords. I fail, and stupidly decide to use my re-roll. I must remind myself to never use a re-roll this early in the turn ever again! The Shadowsword advances, only to find I had forgotten to measure the range. In a much more impressive display, Ben’s Scorpion pops up and blows away most of my left hand Rough Rider formation – killing 3 and breaking them. I try to activate my unblastmarkered Basilisk formation to fire on Ben’s Night Spinners out on the right flank, and fail the activation roll (instantly making me regret having used it for such a stupid move before!). They still fire but only lay a BM.  Ben then activates the Night Spinners – possibly sensing my desire to stop them firing – and they fire on the Griffon Company, killing none but using thier Disrupt to lay two BM. I advance one of my Shadowswords to have another pop at the Phantom Titan, but unfortunately the gunners are confused by the shifting holofields. Hoping to hit the Shadowsword now that it is exposed, Andy tries to activate his second Falcon formation, but fails, instead moving them into the centre of the board. Seeing as the Phantom has resisted two Shadowswords already, I advance the last one and snipe at one of the Revenant Titans on the left flank – success! The Volcano cannon catches the flimsy Eldar titan, doing 2DC of damage and suppressing one of the them for this turn.


Possibly a little bit annoyed at my Shadowswords taking potshots at thier titans with impunity, the eldar generals sought to leverage thier air superiority, bringing in a fliht of Nightwings to hit the Shadowsword that had just damaged the Revenant titans. Nightwings tend to do horrible, horrible things to the unshielded SHT of the Imperial Guard with thier Lance weaponry! I chose to intercept with the Thunderbolts I had placed on CAP, and was in turn intercepted by the Eldar Nightwing CAP. In the end the Nightwings showed just why they are the undisputable king of the interceptors, killing both Thunderbolts while loosing only one of thier own.

Titan advances

Andy then moves up his Phantom Titan to try and blow away at least of the terribly annoying Shadowsword, but in a display of poor dice rolling only manages to lay a BM.

Marauders swoop low into the Eldar backfield

Hoping to do something with my Marauders now that the Eldar interceptors have both activated, I send my Marauder bombers on a ground attack on the Guardian formation previously fired at by my Manticore battery. With the blastmarkers they already had from that hammering, the Guardians break just from coming under fire and then lose one stand of Guardians. I have said it before but Marauders really, really, really suck. The eldar players then nudge forward thier left flank Ranger formation into cover in the forward buildings and in return I use my central formation of Rough Riders to ZoC the Phantom Titan – I really do not want it to be able to sustain into my Tank Company next turn. Perhaps reminded of his hatred for my Rough Rider formations, Ben activates his Aspects in Wave Serpents on the left flank, moving them up ready for a turn 2 engage, shooting at the broken Rough Riders on the way, killing one.

Supreme commander advances to the rivers edge

I then respond by advancing my Regimental HQ with an attached Demolisher Squadron up to the edge of the river and take a few potshots at the only thing really in range – the Rangers who have just moved to occupy the buildings across the river – killing 2 stands. Andy then brings across his Aspects in Wave Serpents from thier position in the centre of the Eldar deployment, laying a BM on my Reg HQ, and setting them up for a neat turn 2 engage. In return I activate the Baneblade Company tucked behind the Reg HQ, advance and blow one of the Wave Serpents up, killing an occupying stand of Scorpions. Seeing this, the two Eldar Autarchs march across the untouched Guardians in Wave Serpents from the extreme right flank across the board. At this point it looks as if this building engagement in potentia taking shape in the bottom left hand corner of the board will be critical to the overal game. Hoping to forestall it slightly, I activate my Stormhammer Company to advance and fire on Ben’s Aspect Warriors in Wave Serpents that moved up close to the start of the turn. The Snub-Battlecannons excel themselves at this short range and blow up all four of the Wave Serpents, killing 5 / 8 of the Aspect Warriors inside, and blunting the threat posed by them. Seeking to shore up the suddenly less secure engagement, Ben advances his Revenant titans hoping they will ditch the BM they picked up from the earlier Shadowsword fire.

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers looking very small next to the Phantom

Dragging attention back to the centre of the board, I scoot my Stormtroopers into one of the buildings close to the Phantom titan, using the Valkyrie rocket pods to lay lots of blastmarkers on the clustered Falcon formations in the centre of the board, breaking one. Their are two reasons for this move – 1) the Falcons are a major threat to my armoured formations and are in a good advanced central position for the second turn 2) hopefully in any engagement erupting around the titan in the next turn the Stroopers decent AT will be useful.

Cue: Airplane noises!

Ben then regroups the nearby Rangers while I bring in my only remaining set of Thunderbolts to hit Andy’s Aspects threatening my left flank, doing relatively well. Having now out activated the opposing Eldar I place my remaining Manticore battery on Overwatch hoping to use it to blunt the impending assault. I know this is a bit of a waste to not use the +1 for the sustain but it is a tactic I have found very useful – catching the clumped, lightly armoured, Eldar as sooon as they step outside thier vehicles.

It is at this point that I run into a good turn of luck. I advance the Leman Russ company on the right flank across the river and fire the battlecannons at the Phantom Titan – 2 DC damage and knocking down the Holofields means that I can then activate the Deathstrike missiles that have been lurking unnoticed nearby. They activate and fire, hitting the now easily-targettable Eldar titan engulfing it in a titantic explosion! 5 DC damage down and the Phantom keels over much to the probable shock off the nearby Storm Troopers.

End of Turn 1

With that, Turn 1 comes to an end. The game still hangs in the balance, with the Imperials seeming to be winning on the right flank while the Eldar are massing thier forces for a brutal engagement on the left flank.

Everything to play for!

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6k Steel Legion v 6k Eldar – Army Lists

6k Steel Legion vs. Eldar

I recently returned from the home to Lancaster for the start of the university term  – and what better way to celebrate than getting in a game of epic? My two friends (Andy from Miniature Miscellany and Ben from Forgot My Tea) teamed up their eldar to face up against my (almost fully painted!) guard. I was using the Steel Legion list in this game, mostly because I could be bothered to set up all the trenchlines necessary, which are ultimately pointless against Eldar anyway, to play Siegemasters.

This post will have the opposing lists, and then once I get up to uni I will put together a fully featured, activation-by-activation battle report – not like my usual disjointed pictures and vague rememberances.


Steel Legion:

Reg HQ w/ Demolisher Platoon

Tank Company w/ Hydra

SHT Coy – 3 Baneblades

SHT Coy – 3 Stormhammers

Rough Riders x 2

Storm Troopers in Valkyries

2 x Basilisk Batteries

2 x Manticore Batteries


3 x 1 Shadowsword

Infantry company w/ Griffons

Tbolts x 2

Marauder Bombers


Ben’s Eldar:

Aspects in Wave Serpents, Exarch and Autarch

Guardians in Wave Serpents

Guardians w/ Wraithguard, Support Weapons

Revenant Titans

Void Spinner


2 x 3 Nightwings

Rangers x 4

Night Spinners



Andy’s Eldar:

Phantom Titan

2 x Falcons

2 x Guardians w/ Wraithguard (1 w/ Heavy Weapons)

Aspects in Wave Serpents

2 x Jetbikes

Rangers x 4

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