Night of the Dead – Warhammer Fantasy 25,000pts Siege Game Pictures! (Deployment)

Hi Guys! Back, and this time with a number of pictures from the big siege game my local club had recently. We had a few minor wobbles, with one of the players dropping out unexpectedly at the last minute, the venue having to be changed the day before, and being without a castle due to [...]

Night of the Dead – Warhammer Fantasy Siege Mini-Campaign 3

The third scenario we played as a warm up game was the Toll House on the Bridge scenario from the old General's Compendium book released by GW. One of the upside of my "old GW book" collecting habit is that it leaves me with lots of choice for scenarios, campaigns, and odd little units. If [...]

Night of the Dead – Warhammer Fantasy Siege Mini-Campaign 2

Welcome back to another instalment of the Night of the Dead mini-campaign I am currently running at my local club. The next scenario we played was another from the old Warhammer:Siege book produced in 1998 by GW. In this one the aim was for the besieged side to delay the advance of the attackers long [...]

Night of the Dead – Warhammer Fantasy Siege mini-campaign

Hi guys! Back again - I know, only two days since the last post! At my local club I have been running a mini-campaign building up to a big siege game we are having this coming Saturday. The teams are arranged, rules written, points decided. The forces of the horrifying Undead led by Nagash and [...]