4k Net EA Legio Gryphonicus


I am going up against Ben again this weekend in the Titan showdown of the year! He has been investigating the Eldar Titan Clan list (http://www.tacticalwargames.net/taccmd/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=21569) and seems raring to try it out, so we have decided to go the whole hog and match it up against the Legio Gryphonicus Titan Legion list.

I have tried out the Titan Legion list before (see the game report further down the blog), and thoroughly enjoyed the different style of play it needs, however I have a little more trepidation putting them up against eldar titans and thier holofields!

Thinking through tactics I decided to kit my titans out for weight of attacks in both range and close combat, stocking up on lots of Turbolaser Destructors with their 4 x AT3+ and plasma goodness! In the end I am going to go with this list (stop reading now, Ben!):

WARLORD TITAN [975] 2 Turbolaser Destructor, 2 Plasma Destructor, Legate

Hopefully the Warlord can hang back a little more than it did in the last game, and therefore last a little longer!  Lots of good firepower (8 x MW2+ Slow Firing and 8 x AT3+) in the 60-75cm range should force the Eldar to move to come in range, thereby hopefully reducing their ability to use Pulse.

REAVER TITAN [725] 2 Plasma Cannon, Carapace Multi-Lasers, Volcano Cannon

More weight of fire from this Reaver, all of which will pose a real danger to the poorly armoured Eldar titans. Plus I wanted to try something a little different from the 2 x Quake Cannon and Carapace Landing Pad Reaver.

REAVER TITAN [700] Chain Fist, Laser Burner, Laser Blaster, Carapace Multi-Lasers

A more close combat orientated Reaver rounds out the bigger titans. The Laser Burner gives it lots of attacks in FF and CC, which are added to by the Chain Fist’s attacks. The Laser Blaster allows it to contribute even if the Eldar titans prove too elusive for combat.
WARHOUND TITAN [300] Inferno Gun, Turbolaser Destructor
WARHOUND TITAN [300] Inferno Gun, Turbolaser Destructor
WARHOUND TITAN [300] Plasma Blastgun, Turbolaser Destructor
WARHOUND TITAN [300] Plasma Blastgun, Turbolaser Destructor

These are the Warhounds I have, equipped with the weapons I have. I like the PBG & TLD warhounds, but if I was able to I would probably switch out the Inferno Guns for something else, although they may be useful to flush out any supporting infantry.
RECON PLATOON [100] 4 Sentinels
THUNDERBOLT FIGHTERS [150] 2 Thunderbolts
THUNDERBOLT FIGHTERS [150] 2 Thunderbolts

Nice support formations giving me cheap activations and a scout screen.
Wish me luck guys!


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