Looking forward to 2013…

Having gotten the reminiscing out of the way, here is what I plan to get done in the next 9-12 months.



Blog wise:

1) Finally get pictures of my EPIC Chaos Marines and Eldar up on the blog. They have featured in battle reports, but still do not have good pictures of them up here.

2) Get full army / fleet pictures up for any armies that do not have them.

3) Post up about the 7,500pts Titan Legion and 7,000pts Daemon World armies I have recently painted but not yet posted.

4) Do more Daemon World playtesting / battle reports.


BFG bits and pieces
BFG bits and pieces

Painting wise:

1) Paint the 3,000pts of Imperial BFG I still have to do. Currently sprayed Dark Green.

2) Paint the 5,500pts of EPIC E&C Marines I have as Dark Angels.

3) Strip and re-paint the BFG Space Marine fleet to match.

4) Paint 30 WHFB Greatswords to finish off my Empire army.

5) Finish off remaining BFG ships – Rogue Traders bits and pieces, Spacefleet based Inquisitorial Fleet etc.


Steel Legion
Steel Legion


1) Convert Cultists into stand-in Heavies for Necromunda

2) Buy a 40k army (shock! horror!) – currently negotiating for a Steel Legion guard army

3) Possibly buy an Escher gang – got to love those Jes Goodwin sculpts!

Let me know in the comments section what your plans for this year are, what you got for Christmas, what you want the blog to cover etc!


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