Necromunda Day – Part 2

Hi guys, This is the second post of the recent Necromunda day I had with my friends at my house. In this game, my Redemptionists were paired off against a friends Goliaths, while the Spyrers went up against Ben's Spec Ops (Van Saar) gang but we were all using the full size board to play [...]

Necromunda Day – Part 1

Hi guys, In case you haven't already noticed, my gaming group has really been getting into Necromunda in a big way recently. We have been playing it much more often than before, with more and more gangs coming out of the woodwork. I had three friends come round my house to have a Necromunda day a while ago [...]

Looking back on 2012…

The blog has been running for about 10 months now, much longer than I expected it to last! Just wanted to say a big thank you to anyone reading / commenting on it, as blog views are what make my day. Please feel free to share the link around among friends etc.   Hobby wise, I [...]

Necromunda Redemptionists – Kierkegaard, Cupitt & Jurgensmeyer

Welcome to part three of my Redemptionist gang for Necromunda. This partially naked fellow is my only painted Zealot in the gang. While all Redemptionists are a little bit crazy, Zealots are those true gibbering maniacs - and in classic grimdark 40k style they are often armed with giant chainswords equipped with flamer cartridges. While [...]

Necromunda Redemptionists – Deacons Gunjevic, Schweiker & Schillebeeckx

Time to introduce the next set of mad religionists - the Deacons from my Redemptionist gang. In the Redemptionist gang list, Deacons are the equivalent of Heavies although their weapons choices are quite limited really only being Flamers or Melta-guns. Still the Flamer is a much scarier thing in Necromunda than 40k, and the choices [...]