MWIH – My Week in Hobby 5

Hi guys, Another slow week for me through a combination of being away and being ill. I actually haven't managed to get a game in at all, but I have been doing other stuff. Firstly, I managed to get in and out of an actual Games Workshop store without being upsold anything! I went into [...]

Lost and the Damned Tactica – Air Support

Hi guys, Back to the ongoing Lost and the Damned Tactica with this post, this time looking at the Air Support formations available to the list and the role that they can play in armies. As a quick note, I will be covering the Doomwings and Firelord Daemon Engines in an upcoming Daemon Engines post [...]

6k Steel Legion v 6k Eldar – Army Lists

I recently returned from the home to Lancaster for the start of the university term  - and what better way to celebrate than getting in a game of epic? My two friends (Andy from Miniature Miscellany and Ben from Forgot My Tea) teamed up their eldar to face up against my (almost fully painted!) guard. I was [...]

Scramble the fighters! (oh and some Chimeras tagged on the end…)

I have gotten on with a little bit more painting in the last couple of days - finishing up 2 flights of Thunderbolts and 7 Chimeras. The thunderbolts finish off the air forces for this army, making 2 Tbolt flights and the Marauder formation from last week, while the Chimeras mean I am able to mechanise [...]