MWIH – My Week in Hobby 5

Hi guys, Another slow week for me through a combination of being away and being ill. I actually haven't managed to get a game in at all, but I have been doing other stuff. Firstly, I managed to get in and out of an actual Games Workshop store without being upsold anything! I went into [...]


6k Steel Legion v 6k Eldar – Army Lists

I recently returned from the home to Lancaster for the start of the university term  - and what better way to celebrate than getting in a game of epic? My two friends (Andy from Miniature Miscellany and Ben from Forgot My Tea) teamed up their eldar to face up against my (almost fully painted!) guard. I was [...]

Scramble the fighters! (oh and some Chimeras tagged on the end…)

I have gotten on with a little bit more painting in the last couple of days - finishing up 2 flights of Thunderbolts and 7 Chimeras. The thunderbolts finish off the air forces for this army, making 2 Tbolt flights and the Marauder formation from last week, while the Chimeras mean I am able to mechanise [...]