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6k Steel Legion v 6k Eldar – Army Lists

6k Steel Legion vs. Eldar

I recently returned from the home to Lancaster for the start of the university term  – and what better way to celebrate than getting in a game of epic? My two friends (Andy from Miniature Miscellany and Ben from Forgot My Tea) teamed up their eldar to face up against my (almost fully painted!) guard. I was using the Steel Legion list in this game, mostly because I could be bothered to set up all the trenchlines necessary, which are ultimately pointless against Eldar anyway, to play Siegemasters.

This post will have the opposing lists, and then once I get up to uni I will put together a fully featured, activation-by-activation battle report – not like my usual disjointed pictures and vague rememberances.


Steel Legion:

Reg HQ w/ Demolisher Platoon

Tank Company w/ Hydra

SHT Coy – 3 Baneblades

SHT Coy – 3 Stormhammers

Rough Riders x 2

Storm Troopers in Valkyries

2 x Basilisk Batteries

2 x Manticore Batteries


3 x 1 Shadowsword

Infantry company w/ Griffons

Tbolts x 2

Marauder Bombers


Ben’s Eldar:

Aspects in Wave Serpents, Exarch and Autarch

Guardians in Wave Serpents

Guardians w/ Wraithguard, Support Weapons

Revenant Titans

Void Spinner


2 x 3 Nightwings

Rangers x 4

Night Spinners



Andy’s Eldar:

Phantom Titan

2 x Falcons

2 x Guardians w/ Wraithguard (1 w/ Heavy Weapons)

Aspects in Wave Serpents

2 x Jetbikes

Rangers x 4

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Commissars and Stormblade SHT

10 x Commissar markers

These are 10 of the Commissar markers that I use when playing my IG, just individual commissar models based on sanded 5 pence coins. I just place them next to the stand that is supposed to have the commissar attached and remove it when the stand dies – it saves me having to replace stands depending on whether a formation has a commissar or not. I have done the same thing with my eldar exarchs for the same reason.

Men of Tanith! Do you want to live forever? – Gaunt

I have also painted up a lone Stormblade super-heavy, the only one I have. This is the older version, predating the forgeworld version by a fair while and is armed with a Plasma Blastgun (45cm 2 x MW2+), 2 x Lascannons and a couple of Heavy Bolters. It sits a little awkwardly between the Baneblade and the Shadowsword in roles, but does seem as if it would perform quite well in the 45cm range band. Again I stuck to a black-washed gray, with dark red and green spot colours. Same with the yellow headlights, tying it to the rest of the army.

Stormblade 1

Stormblade 2

Apart from that I have finally sawn all of the E&C marines off thier metal sprues, and have been regularly changing my mind on the colour scheme to paint them!

I hope everyone is having a good summer.

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This week I would like to present what I think are the greatest, most retro, super heavy tanks around – the Stormhammer! I have three of these chubby SHT’s and they are my favourite. The rules are not great, but I love the style and the way thier entire purpose is clear. The Stormhammer is supposed to be one of the oldest and rarest Baneblade variants, dating right back into the mists of time. Generally suffering from a lack of spare parts or knowledge to maintain it, it is often relegated to serving as part of a planets PDF forces. However perhaps no other SHT can throw quite as much firepower downrange as the Stormhammer!

Stormhammer Company

In the rules a Stormhammer is an exceedingly short ranged tank that excels at launching a cover-busting barrage of fire at enemy infantry formations. While it can also perform against other targets – it tends not to measure up well outside its comfort zone. This SHT does not have any stats in the more usual Imperial Guard lists – it isn’t in the Steel Legion, Baran Siegemasters or Lost and the Damned lists – but stats for it appear both in the EPIC Siege supplement as part of the Mossinian forces and in the Collectors section of the EA rulebook.


The paint scheme is, yet again, a black wash over the Army Painter Uniform Gray with details picked out either in Dark Angels Green or Scab Red. I have been trying out the new GW paints recently too and have been pleasantly surprised by how nice the couple of colours I have tried have been. I am looking forward to trying out the textured paints in the near future, as they could save me time and hassle sanding and texturing bases for EPIC miniatures.

In other news, I recently put an order in with a certain blue werewolf for two battle companies of Space Marines to form the basis of a new EPIC army – the 2nd & 3rd Companies of the Ultramarines Chapter. Now I know the UM as universally reviled as the poster-boys of WH40k but I don’t think the stigma extends into EPIC. Also I think the stark blue and white colour scheme will look really good at this small scale. I will put pics up as I get round to painting them (probably January next year… ), and keep you guys informed as I put together a list.

Also I should be getting another game in this weekend using Chroma’s Daemonworld army list from a while back. It is something I have been meaning to try for ages so I will try and remember to take some pics of it in action this weekend.

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SHT’s and a few game pics

I have done a little more painting, probably my last for a week of so, of 4 Shadowswords and 3 Baneblades. There are pics of the unpainted models somewhere further down the blog.

4 Shadowswords


Baneblade Company

These are the relatively old SHT models, not the current Specialist Games ones. I have quite enjoyed the little tank commanders I have converted to be popping out of thier turrets, it may be quite silly to have a commissar with a power fist peering out of a tank hatch, but it adds a little individuality to the tanks and helps to pick out the command tank in the company.


Take me closer, so I can hit them with my fist!

I have just recently played a 3k game versus Andy from www.miniaturemiscellany.wordpress.com, and will have a couple of quick pics up soon. I took a list made up of as much painted stuff as possible which led to a bit of a strange selection. It was good to try out some of the less taken options though!

Here is the list I took:

REGIMENTAL HQ [500] Supreme Commander, 12 Infantry, 7 Chimera

INFANTRY COMPANY [350] Commander, 12 Infantry, Griffon Battery (3 Griffons)


SUPER-HEAVY TANK COMPANY [600] Hydra, Hydra, 3 Shadowsword

ROUGH RIDER PLATOON [150] 6 Rough Riders

ROUGH RIDER PLATOON [150] 6 Rough Riders

ARTILLERY BATTERY [250] 3 Basilisks

ARTILLERY BATTERY [250] 3 Manticores

SENTINEL SQUADRON [100] 4 Sentinels

THUNDERBOLT FIGHTERS [150] 2 Thunderbolts




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