Looking back on 2012…

The blog has been running for about 10 months now, much longer than I expected it to last! Just wanted to say a big thank you to anyone reading / commenting on it, as blog views are what make my day. Please feel free to share the link around among friends etc.   Hobby wise, I [...]

Scramble the fighters! (oh and some Chimeras tagged on the end…)

I have gotten on with a little bit more painting in the last couple of days - finishing up 2 flights of Thunderbolts and 7 Chimeras. The thunderbolts finish off the air forces for this army, making 2 Tbolt flights and the Marauder formation from last week, while the Chimeras mean I am able to mechanise [...]

Siegemasters Support – Howitzers, Thudds & Rapiers

I have been down in London over the weekend, but before going I quickly painted up some of the support formations for the Siegemasters list. They are three 3-gun formations of howitzers, three 3-gun Thudd Gun batteries and three 3-gun Rapier batteries. I love the Siegemasters howitzer support, it is simply and basic but remarkably [...]