Epic Siegemasters vs. Orks, 6k

Hi guys,

Just some quick pics from a recent game I played in a GW store (shhhhhh don’t tell anyone!) which was a 6k game (I think) against my buddy Tom’s Orks. Click the pictures for a better look!

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Hey guys,

Just a quick update – I am moving again, though hopefully this time it will be for a little longer than the last 9 months I’ve spent in Stoke On Trent. I am moving to Wales, a little town called Lampeter, to take up a new job at the University there.

Hopefully once the actual moving things are out of the way I will be able to pick up the hobby again and I have already reached out to the Wargaming Society to see about games. Slightly excited about the possibility to properly gaming again!


Somewhat spurred on by that excitement, I have been pottering about sorting out a lot of my models / armies, trying to get them in a good ready state for undercoating / basing / painting. Always the least exciting bit of getting an army finished I find, but it can really pay dividends to the end result. I have mostly been focused on my WH40k Steel Legion army (hence the pics!), making sure that all the models have all the bits they are supposed to and going around adding a few bits and pieces. I have looked to add some minor conversions to the four Veteran squads I have, adding some shotguns / pouches / bayonets / grenades etc, to help them stand out from the other metal guardsmen. Quite happy, although the shotguns do look a little odd…


Otherwise I have been busy sorting out a Warmaster Empire army ready for basing / painting and putting together a to-buy list for an opposing Warmaster Vampire Counts list. Also got my eye on some beautiful proxy miniatures for Inquisimunda / Necromunda Arbites!

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Ghallamore Incursion – EPIC Daemonworld List


Hey guys,

I don’t know if you know, but I am the Army Champion for the NetEA Ghallamore Incursion Daemonworld list, a new armylist we are developing that aims to represent the forces of a Daemonic incursion into realspace in EPIC.

It is still in pretty early stages, but we have just put together an update over on the Tactical Command Forums, so either check it out here Ghallamore Incursion 3.1, or pop over there and help the development.




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Inquisitorial Agent – Xeno-Biologist

InquisitonHey guys,

I have recently been really getting into the semi gaming / roleplaying aspect of things like Inq28, Inquisimunda, etc. As part of this, I have finally been getting round to organising the plethora of Inquisition models I have into recognisable warbands with backstories etc. As part of this, I need to catch up with the models I already have painted, including this one.



This model is originally a Dark Eldar Haemonculus, but he has been repurposed as a Xeno-Biologist, an expert on xenos life forms. He is part of the retinue of my radical Istvaanian Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos and has become a trusted member of his inner circle.

I need to tart up / finish the bas a bit more, but I quite like the purple / brass contrast and the way the blue has gone on the brass.


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So, err, the dangers of Kickstarter…


I may just have pledged for this:  Warstages Gothic Cathedral

Ive been getting into the whole idea of narrative small warband wargaming / RPG’ing and this suits my Inquisition and Sisters of Battle armies down to the ground. My wallet may regret it though!

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Epic Dark Angels vs. Orks Battle Report


Hey guys,

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, things haven’t been great and there has been a lot of change in the amount of free time I have so wargaming has basically died for me.

Still, I recently found a load of pictures from a game I played back last year with a friend of mine in London – an EPIC throwdown between my Dark Angels and his Ork force. This friend basically got me into EPIC and was my first regular opponent so it was great to play him again.

We chose to play the Breakout scenario from the EPIC rulebook for a bit of a change, which involved my Dark Angels being caught in an ambush by the sneaky Orks. I grabbed a few pictures and here they are.


Dark Angel Predators score a number of hits on the mixed Stompa mob



I always like the look of the mixed Stompa mobs that my friend uses – very characterful little models


A mix of Battlewagons, Trukks, and various other contraptions stares across at the thin line of Dark Angels



Whirlwinds – kind of stuck in the middle of the board here, at least their short range was not too problematic



I decide to drop-pod in some Dreadnought assisted Devastators in order to try and tackle the Ork Gargant…



For the Emperor!



Sadly, it didn’t go all that well for the Devastators…



I also love the little Ork Deffkopta models and they are surprisingly good in game too



Two units of Deathwing teleport in, bringing ruin to the Stompa Mob.



The Ravenwing doing their thing – coralling the enemy onto the guns of the Dark Angels



The 2 Destructor / 2 Annihilator combo on the Predators actually worked well hre for once – the mixed armour formations of the Orks made them vulnerable



Luckily I managed to keep the Gargant broken and out of threat range, making the best of my escape from the other side of the board. Victory to the Dark Angels!

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Inquisitorial Henchmen 5

Hi guys,

Just another super quick post to keep things ticking over, this time another of my Inquisitorial Henchmen. This is another member of the Kiddy Kreche that my somewhat twisted Inquisitor has following her around. I love these models, even though the casting has been terrible, purely because they revel in that horribly creepy grim dark vibe that a lot of the Inquisition really have.


Again a relatively simple model, this time of a banner bearer. I like the way that the green has gone onto the model and the minimal freehand on the banner. Just nice and simple but thematic. I am hoping these babies work well with an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor I have planned.


I really need to get around to organising my Inquisition models into some kind of recognisable force and sorting out some little backstories for each Inquisitor.


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Epic Dark Angels – Venerable Dreadnought




All my DA Dreadnoughts


Hi guys,

First post of the restart here and I’m back with a Dark Angels Dreadnought that I decided to paint up as a Venerable Dreadnought.

As I said in the last post on the Dark Angels I love the little Dreadnought models but find them a little tricky to use in game due to the way they interact with formations in the Space Marine army list.

For this model I decided to do something a little different and paint him up as a member of the Deathwing. The Deathwing are the elite veterans of the Dark Angels, privy to their secret hunt for the fallen and looking kind of snazzy in their bone coloured armour. I thought this would help him stand out from the other dreadnoughts in the army and tied in nicely with my desire to give at least one dreadnought a back banner.


This involved a little delicate freehand but I am pretty happy with how the somewhat podgy angel figure turned out on there. In game his veteran status doesn’t really mean anything, with no ability to select Venerable Dreadnoughts in Epic due to granularity, but one of the nice things about Epic is the ability to add characters to almost any unit – so I could add a Captain or Chaplain character to this model to give him a little distinction. Possible not the wisest course of action in game terms, but inspiring or commander would be a cool way of representing such a veteran warrior!

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Mea Culpa…


Hi guys,

I haven’t died, I promise.

I know the blog has been stupendously slow recently, with two months going by without a post, and even longer since anything more involved than a picture or two. I can only apologise and offer up getting a full time job, moving, and getting an academic book contract as excuses.

I am currently in an area where the wargaming scene seems non-existent, and where I do not have access to most of my hobby stuff. Sadly this means I am somewhat limited with regards to hobbying. I have a fair amount of stuff still to post up here (a couple of big epic games with a friend of mine in London, BFG Necrons, Epic Dark Eldar, Epic Eldar Tactica, many book reviews etc) so that should keep me ticking over though the posting rate may still remain slow.

Just bear with me!


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Inquisitorial Henchmen 4

Hi guys,

Sorry the blog has been slow – I started a new job and it has been hectic! Still, hr is another Inquisitorial baby henchman for you all, though sadly probably the least interesting model of the lot…

The baby is holding a sheet of parchmeent but it is quite difficult to see / photograph decently.


You can see it a little better there, or if you click through on the image.

Blogging has been a bit slow as of late, but so has hobby. I haven’t had a settled address and most of my hobby  stuff is a couple of hundred miles  away – but hpefully the first part of that is changing soon.

I also still have a lot of EPIC Dark Angels posts to go up, some more Henchmen and Inquisitors, and some BFG Necrons.

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