BFG Chaos

Probably too big to ever be fielded in a real BFG game, most of my chaos fleet came about through a good deal from Warseer. Getting up to 3,250pts, it would probably take a week and break my mind to try and play it all at once. The paintjobs are based off the person I bought it from’s paintjobs (I honestly could not summon up the willpower to repaint them all!), and you can tell the difference because mine use shining gold for the metallic parts and the others use a NMM style. The gray does need touching up in places though, something I will eventually get around to.

Here is the list:

Warmaster w/ Mark of Tzeentch

Despoiler Class Battleship w/ Torpedoes

Styx Class Heavy Cruiser

Devastation Class Cruiser x 4

Carnage Class Cruiser x 2

Inferno Class Cruiser x 2

Murder Class Cruiser x 2

Slaught Class Cruiser w/ Mark of Slaanesh + Daemonship

3 Idolators, 3 Infidels, 6 Iconoclasts


2 thoughts on “BFG Chaos

  1. Heya Gus, just for your info, I’m still checking out your posts for tips on my Chaos fleet etc. Great to see the content is still here. Thanks

    1. Hey thanks! I know I haven’t updated this blog for forever and I can only apologise – still painting and occaisonally gaming though. I am glad to hear some stuff is still proving useful!

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