Ghallamore Incursion – EPIC Daemonworld List

Hey guys, I don't know if you know, but I am the Army Champion for the NetEA Ghallamore Incursion Daemonworld list, a new armylist we are developing that aims to represent the forces of a Daemonic incursion into realspace in EPIC. It is still in pretty early stages, but we have just put together an [...]

EPIC: Ghallamore Cleansing Daemon Incursion List

Hi guys, Just a quick post - I have recently updated the NetEA list I have been working on, the Ghallamore Cleansing Daemon Incursion list. It aims to represent an EPIC army composed entirely of Daemons, without relying on Chaos Space Marines, Cultists, or Daemon Engines. It is still a long way from balanced or [...]