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Epic Dark Angels – Venerable Dreadnought




All my DA Dreadnoughts


Hi guys,

First post of the restart here and I’m back with a Dark Angels Dreadnought that I decided to paint up as a Venerable Dreadnought.

As I said in the last post on the Dark Angels I love the little Dreadnought models but find them a little tricky to use in game due to the way they interact with formations in the Space Marine army list.

For this model I decided to do something a little different and paint him up as a member of the Deathwing. The Deathwing are the elite veterans of the Dark Angels, privy to their secret hunt for the fallen and looking kind of snazzy in their bone coloured armour. I thought this would help him stand out from the other dreadnoughts in the army and tied in nicely with my desire to give at least one dreadnought a back banner.


This involved a little delicate freehand but I am pretty happy with how the somewhat podgy angel figure turned out on there. In game his veteran status doesn’t really mean anything, with no ability to select Venerable Dreadnoughts in Epic due to granularity, but one of the nice things about Epic is the ability to add characters to almost any unit – so I could add a Captain or Chaplain character to this model to give him a little distinction. Possible not the wisest course of action in game terms, but inspiring or commander would be a cool way of representing such a veteran warrior!

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Epic Dark Angels – Dreadnoughts


Dreadnought Maniple

Hi guys,

This post is the time for the Dreadnoughts to make an appearance. I love the little dinky EPIC Dreadnought models, they are so characterful and look so cute! Sadly this attraction does not really follow through to Dreadnoughts in the game – they are a somewhat awkward combination of rules and availability. As a 15cm speed Armoured Vehicle they restrict any formation they are attached to to walking speed, which means that they cannot feasibly be using their free Rhinos, but it means stands in contact with them will be able to claim cover. They then have CC4+, FF4+, and a 4+ save along with the special rule Walker.

They also have some respectable weaponry packing either a Missile Launcher (45cm, AP5+/AT6+) and a Twin Linked Lascannon (45cm AT4+) OR a Power Fist (+1 MW CC attack) and an Assault Cannon (30cm, AP5+/AT5+).

These stats, for me, tend to lend themselves to one particular role – that of adding extra firepower and survivability to a drop-podding Devastator formation. Adding two Dreadnoughts to a Devastator formation with a Librarian comes to 400pts, which isnt bad for a Marine formation. It gives you additional firepower, especially AT firepower if you go with the ML/LC dreadnought, and it gives your Devastators the ability to claim a cover bonus from the AV Dreadnoughts. If there is cover nearby, then Walker allows you to safely dig in, while causing a real nuisance if you are near an objective. Combined with the fire from the Deathwind Drop Pods, this formation can cause a good amount of damage on the drop, and stick around long enough to really cause an issue.


Sorry for the blur!

The problem with using Dreadnoughts elsewhere in the list is that they tend to pose awkward issues with regard to transport. Marines as a list, because of their small size, need to have mobility and the ability to concentrate their forces effectively which requires their Rhinos. Dreadnoughts cannot keep up with formations in Rhinos, and although you could add them to a Tactical formation as an objective guard, this gets expensive very quickly. In addition, this leaves the Dreadnoughts as the only AV in the formation and easily snipe-able. The same is true of adding them to Terminators, or anywhere else in the army list.

So, dreadnoughts. Lovely models, awkward little buggers when it comes to list building!

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EPIC Dark Angels – 3rd Company Formations


Dark Angels 3rd Company

Hi guys,

Next post in the Dark Angels series, this is the Dark Angels 3rd Company, made up of two Tactical formations, and one Devastator and Assault formation. This follows the codex layout of a battle company with six Tactical squads, two Assault squads, and two Devastator squads. I also have a painted up command squad to substitute into on of the Tactical formations when I want to add a Captain character upgrade, and have a Librarian and Chaplain in the Devastator and Assault formations respectively.

Normally when I write up a Marine list for EPIC, I generally try and include a full battle company, including two Tactical formations. The Tactical formation comprises six stands of Marines (4+ armour, 4+ CC, 4+FF, 15cm move, with And They Shall Know No Fear and one Missile Launcher shot per stand) at 300pts. They aren’t bad, but they aren’t great – and generally taking two formations worth is a bit over the top for a 3k list. They are a pretty good place for the Supreme Commander to sit in, and with an added Hunter to compliment the Rhino transports, they can make a pretty decent mid-field objective holder. Note the Lascannon and Heavy Botler Marines in amongst the formations.

Then we have the attached Devastator and Assault formations that go with the Tacticals to form the full company. The Devastators (four stands of 4+ armour, 5+ CC, 3+ FF, 15cm move, with And They Shall Know No Fear, and two Missile Launcher shots per stand) normally have a Librarian character upgrade to make the most of his FF MW attack. There are generally two ways of running them – either in Rhinos with an added Hunter at 375pts as a speedy objective holder / engagement supporter, or with Drop Pods and a Dreadnought or two to pod down onto an objective and provide support fire. For the Assault Marines (four stands of 4+ armour, 3+ CC, 5+ FF, 30cm move, with And They Shall Know No Fear and Jump Packs), they get a Chaplain upgrade as they want to be in assault where his Inspiring special rule will be useful. Generally I find Assault Marines rather mediocre, struggling to pick things to engage against which they will do well given their small size and small number of dice to be rolling. Still at 175pts (225pt with Chaplain) they are cheap and quite maneuverable, so they can do somee good as objective grabbers, particularly for the victory conditions of Blitzkrieg and They Shall Not Pass.

Click through to  the pics to have a look and let me know what you think!

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EPIC Dark Angels – Land Raiders

Hi guys,

So I put some whole army pictures of my Dark Angels up last week, and they seemed to go down pretty well. I also have some more detailed pictures of the various formations that make up the army so they will be going up here too along with a little bit of tactical exposition for each formation.

This post is the turn of the mighty Land Raiders. You get four in a formation for the totally unbargain basement price of 400pts (350pts in EpicUK and still no one takes them…)

They each have two twinlinked Lascannons (45cm AT4+) and a heavy bolter. The Lascannons can be pretty useful for ranged AT shots in a Marine army, but they are pretty mediocre for the points. The other good point in Land Raider’s favour is the 4+ Reinforced Armour which makes them pretty damn difficult to shift, especially when combined with And They Shall Know No Fear. You can either take them as a seperate formation, or add them as transports to eithr Devastator formations or Terminator formations. I can kind of see the benefit of adding two to a Devastator formation (adds AT shots, gives them protective transports) thought it makes them 450pts minimum, but adding them to Terminators just does not make any sense. There is no benefit to armour save, no synergy with their weapons, and the total price comes to a truly eye watering 725pts…


In the Dark Angels chapter, most of the Land Raiders are used as transports by the Deathwing, the veteran first company of the chapter. They have a pretty distincitve colour scheme of bone white and this is something I have carried through into their Land Raiders. A nice wash brings out the detail and the red gives a good strong contrast colour.

I hope you all approve!

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Epic Eldar Tactica – Hit and Run


Hi guys,

Second post in the Epic Eldar Tactica series here – this time looking at the second of the two special rules that apply to the Eldar army. This special rules deals with just how fast and maneuverable the Eldar army is.

Hit and Run:


So, once again, there are two parts to this special rule which are both vitally important to remember if you want to be playing the army to its full potential. The first is quite interesting as it allows the player more choice than is normally the case. As I am sure you know, in Epic an Advance move allows a formation to move once and then shoot with no penalties, while a Double move allows a formation to move twice and then shoot with a -1 penalty to hit. The Hit and Run Tactics rule allows the Eldar play to choose when during the action to fire – meaning the formation could fire then move, or, with a double, move, fire, and move again.

This is really quite important – it means I could take a unit, like some Revenant titans, and move from out of cover and out of range, into the open and into range, fire on the enemy unit, and then hop back to my original position. This helps to protect my units from return fire, while making it very diffuclt for the enemy to pin me in place and land any shots on my formations.


Obviously some units benefit more than others from this rule, with those with high speeds and long range weaponry being the most benefited. Think of using your Fire Prisms to pop forward, shoot, and the pop back, or using your Cobras to fire and then scoot behind cover.

The second half of the special rule is, I think, the more important and more powerful half. Given what we discussed on the Farsight post here, the ability to move your full move distance after winnning an engagement is huge!

What this does is to makee the type of rolling engagements discussed in the last post even more powerful, by allowing you to use your full move distance to set up the next engagement with the first formation in support – effectively allowing you to use that formation twice in one turn.


Say I am planning on using my Farsight special rules to retain three times in a row. I activate my unit of jetbikes on a 2+ to advance to within 15cm of the enemy formation of Leman Russ, and shoot with a few of the Vyper’s weapons, killing nothing but laying two blastmarkers. I then retain with my Warlock Titan on a 1+ (would be 2+ because of the retain, but a Warlock has Farsight), move it 20cm, and engage the Leman Russ. Because of the blastmarkers I am already 2 up on them in Combat Resolution, and easily win aainst them as Leman Russes are pretty rubbish in engagements. I win, and the remaining few Leman Russ withdraw. I then use my 20cm consolidation move (full move because of Hit and Run Tactics) to move within 15cm of another enemy formation, say a Mechanised Infantry Company, preferably behind it or preferably a formation that already has blastmarkers. Then I use my triple retain (Farsight rule), to activate another of my formations, Aspect Warriors in Wave Serpents on a 2+ (usuallly 1+ but now takes the -1 for retaining) to engage the Mech Inf Coy. With the Warlock Titan in support (and possibly crossfire) and lending its Firefight dice to the combat, the Eldar should easily win the enagement again, wiping out a second enemy formation with no possibility of the enemy responding.

You can see in the example how the full move allows the Warlock titan to reposition itself, and effectively be recycled – being used fully in more thn one engagement per turn. This is far more difficult to pull off with only 5cm of movement after an engagement, but works wonders on speedy Eldar formations like jetbikes and titans.



So, hopefully these two posts have shown just how powerful the Eldar special rules are individually and how they work together to produce some truly amazing combinations. Honestly, learning to use these trick of maneuvre and planning, though it takes a while, turns the Eldar army from a mediocre one into a pretty formiddable foe.

Learn to use them, learn to plan for them, and learn to anticipate and build your strategies around them!

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EPIC Eldar Tactica – Farsight


Hi guys,

So to begin the EPIC Eldar review I want to take a look at the Eldar army’s two special rules. Now it is pretty hard to overstate just how important thse two rules are to playing the army – honestly, if you forget about them, or find yourself never using them, then you are playing the army at half-strength. These rules ARE the the Eldar army. The one I want to look at today is the Farsight special rule.



So, if we split this up into its two parts we can begin to see how this is a very powerful rule for the Eldar army. The first half, allowing you to retain without penalty when using a formation with a unit with the Farsight rule in it, is a big deal. It removes the penalty that you normally have to take when using the very powerful retain action – this means that you remove any extra risk when choosing to retain, which in turn allows you to either maneuvre twice, or to launch devastating combined assualts by prepping (laying blastmarkers on them by firing at them) and then engaging an enemy formation which is now at a disadvantage in the ensuing combat (-1 for having blastmarkers, and possible -1 for having more blastmarkers than your assualting formation).


Now there are only two units in the army that have the Farsight special rule – Farseer stands, included as characters in Guardian formations, and the Warlcok Titan. These play pretty wildly different roles in the army, and we will look at the way they work in more detail on their own posts, but both serve very well as the engaging formation, being big and tough enough to take on opposing formations as the second activation of a retain and win.

The second part of the special rule magnifies this focus on maneuvre, mobility, and the concentration of force. What it does is allow the Eldar player to retain the initiative twice in a row, once a turn. This means the Eldar player can perform three actions, in a row, with the opponent able to do nothing about it. That is huge! By now we should all know the importance of the classic EPIC maneuvre of moving a unit up within firefight range, prepping the opposing formation by firing on it, then retaining with a second formation to engage the prepped formation. This allows you to concentrate your force (two formations against one) and stack the odds in your favour (supporting fire and blastmarkers).


The other important thing to notice is that the two rules combine – that means that if the third activation chosen by the Eldar player is a formation that includes a model with the Farsight rule, then it does not take the penalty for attempting to retain. So lets think this through:

Activation 1: 1+ activation Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent double up to within 15cm of an enemy formation and the Wave serpents shoot at it, laying two blastmarkers.


Activation 2: 2+ activation (as it contains a Farseer) Guardian formation in Wave Serpents engages the enemy formation, with the Dire Avengers in support. With the 16 4+ FF attacks in supprt and being 2 up in combat resolution from the blastmarkers on their opponet, the Guardians are VERY likely to win. Using their Hit and Run special rule (to come!) they mount up and move a full 35cm to position themselves behind another enemy formation.


Activation 3: 1+ activation (due to farsight rule) of a Warlock Titan to engage the second enemy formation, with Guardians in Wave Serpents in supprt and providing cross fire. This will mince pretty much anything.
Now obviously these formations etc can be different, and the enemy is unlikely to play ball quite so much with you. However, hopefully it demonstrates the massive potential of the Eldar “triple retain” and the way in which this can totally change the face of a game for very little risk. With Eldar formations being a mix of 1+ and 2+ activations, you can chain together a number of very powerful actions with very little risk of failure.


So, yes, Farsight is  vitally important rule for playing the Eldar army in EPIC and one of the ways I think the Eldar army really plays as it should – fast, reliable, maneuvreable, but delicate and precise. This feeling of “playing like the fluff” is something I really appreciate in EPIC and although other armies have that feel (space marines being incredibly elite. for example, or Orks being an unruly horde) none have it to the exent of the Eldar list.




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EPIC Eldar Tactica – Beginnings

Hi guys,


You may remember that a while back I talked about doing another tactica series to go with my Lost and the Damned Tactica which people seemend to enjoy and can be accessed through clikcing on the “Tactica” tab down at the bottom of the blog page.

You may also remember I ran a poll asking which army you wanted to see done next, which came out with the EPIC Eldar army being the most popular. I then promptly hit a crazily busy patch with work and forgot all about it…

Fear not, however, as I have some free time coming up while I visit my parents and plan on making some headway in writing up the EPIC Eldar tactica post starting this weekend. Give me a shout if there is anything in particular you want covered or focused on, but I plan on going through almost all of the list, just like I did for the Lost and the Damned.

Thanks and check back soon!


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BFG Tau Fleet – Fleet Pics & Roundup


Hi All,

This is the roundup of the Tau fleet I have been posting up about for the last couple of weeks – finally finished and painted! It comes to a nice round 1,500pts and contains a good variety of ships.



The flet contains two Explorer Class Battleships, two Hero Class Cruisers, three messengers, six Defenders, and six Orca Gunships. Here is the list:

Kor’O (Ld9)              80
+1RR                         25
Explorer                 230
Explorer                 230
Hero                       180
Hero                       180
3 x Messenger       150
6 x Defenders        270
6 x Orcas                150

This gives me a pretty good spread of ship types, ordnance, weapons batteries and lances at a load of range bands. Broadly the strategy with the fleet will be to hold back in the initial stages of the battle, using the ordnance from the Explorers to break up the enemy fleet and hopfully score some damage, befor driving forward with the Heroes and the escorts to mop up the remnants. How well this will work, I am unsure about – it is a not a stunningly ccomplex fleet with magical tricks etc and would probably really struggle against a well played Chaos fleet or something like Tyranids which could close and board.

This fleet has been built to go with my 1,500pt Demiurge fleet to make a 3,000pt Tau list and I have some joint fleet pictures to come. Thanks for sticking with me!




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New Tactica – EPIC Eldar

Eldar_planets bigHi guys,

Looking at the poll from the last post, both Chaos Space Marines and Eldar recieved four votes, so I am going to exercise my perogative as blog author to choose between them. The next tactica series will be the tricksy Eldar. The reason I have chosen them is because I think that they represent what I most love about EPIC – the way the armies play in the game, represents very well how they appear in the fluff.


This is something that I think is sometimes lacking in some of the newer developed lists, but it is something that drew me into the game intially and something that I think is most striking with the Eldar army. Eldar were my second ever EPIC army, and remain my biggest at 16,000pts!

Not Eldar, but it is by John Blanche so it gets a pass...

Not Eldar, but it is by John Blanche so it gets a pass…

I hope that choice doesnt upset anyone, and I hope you will all still read the Eldar tactica even if you didn’t vote for them. I should be starting it in a couple of weeks, as I am currently on a very very intense language course and do not have much time to be blogging.

I hope everyone is having a great summer and feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments!

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New Tactica Proposal?


Hi guys,

Just a quick post to show signs of life!

I have been wanting to start up another Tactica series, like my last one on the Lost and the Damned in EPIC here, but I have been stuck on which army, race, or system would be most interesting. I have narrowed it down a little, but thought I would give the final choise to you guys, so please vote or leave a comment and the top choice will get done next!

In other news I have the first couple of episodes of the podcast I mooted a while back here planned and ready  to go, and have just bought a decent microphone to mak recording somewhat easier. Don’t go expecting much until the autumn, but things are definitely moving on it!

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