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Inquisitorial Agent – Xeno-Biologist

InquisitonHey guys,

I have recently been really getting into the semi gaming / roleplaying aspect of things like Inq28, Inquisimunda, etc. As part of this, I have finally been getting round to organising the plethora of Inquisition models I have into recognisable warbands with backstories etc. As part of this, I need to catch up with the models I already have painted, including this one.



This model is originally a Dark Eldar Haemonculus, but he has been repurposed as a Xeno-Biologist, an expert on xenos life forms. He is part of the retinue of my radical Istvaanian Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos and has become a trusted member of his inner circle.

I need to tart up / finish the bas a bit more, but I quite like the purple / brass contrast and the way the blue has gone on the brass.


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Inquisitorial Henchmen 5

Hi guys,

Just another super quick post to keep things ticking over, this time another of my Inquisitorial Henchmen. This is another member of the Kiddy Kreche that my somewhat twisted Inquisitor has following her around. I love these models, even though the casting has been terrible, purely because they revel in that horribly creepy grim dark vibe that a lot of the Inquisition really have.


Again a relatively simple model, this time of a banner bearer. I like the way that the green has gone onto the model and the minimal freehand on the banner. Just nice and simple but thematic. I am hoping these babies work well with an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor I have planned.


I really need to get around to organising my Inquisition models into some kind of recognisable force and sorting out some little backstories for each Inquisitor.


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Inquisitorial Henchmen 4

Hi guys,

Sorry the blog has been slow – I started a new job and it has been hectic! Still, hr is another Inquisitorial baby henchman for you all, though sadly probably the least interesting model of the lot…

The baby is holding a sheet of parchmeent but it is quite difficult to see / photograph decently.


You can see it a little better there, or if you click through on the image.

Blogging has been a bit slow as of late, but so has hobby. I haven’t had a settled address and most of my hobby  stuff is a couple of hundred miles  away – but hpefully the first part of that is changing soon.

I also still have a lot of EPIC Dark Angels posts to go up, some more Henchmen and Inquisitors, and some BFG Necrons.

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Inquisitorial Henchmen 3

Hi guys,

Another quick Inquisition post here –

I rather like how the text has come out on this one on the book he is holding. The stocking type thing adds a little colour which connects him to  the book – as if he has been dressed up to match the obviously more valuable book!

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Inquisitorial Henchmen 2

Hi guys,

Just another quick post with some pics of the next little baby servitor I painted up to use as an Inquisitorial Henchman.

As a little hovering baby, he fits in quite well with the Servo-skulls in the 40k background, while bringing a little touch of the macabre which goes so well with the High Gothic stylings of the 40k Inquisition.

Just nice and simple really.

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Inquisitorial Henchmen 1

Some of you may know, but I have a serious obsession with collecting 40k Inquisition models. They just hit that grimdark / obscure vibe that I love, and a great many of them are also lovely models.

This means that I currently have a pretty big 40k inquisition force, although it isn’t really arranged for actual playing. A while back I bought some additional models from Puppets Wars – baby servitor henchmen – which I have finally been getting round to paint.

The resin casting was pretty bad but I think he has come out pretty well. It felt so incredibly weird painting 28mm again tho!

I have the rest of the set to come plus a couple of other models I painted as a break from EPIC, so keep an eye out! 

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