First game of 8th edition 40k

Hi guys, Just a quick post - I played my first ever game of the new edition of 40k last night! It was a quick 1,000pt game against an Ad-Mech army. First impressions I cannot say are great. The game feels clunkier with changes having been made purely for the sake of changes. Things like [...]

BoLS Wargamer Survey & Specialist Games

Hi guys, Having said I wouldn't be posting anything up, I stumbled across a recent post on BoLS about a wargamer survey run in the US (link here). The most interesting part of the survey for Specialist gamers like me (and most of this blogs readers I imagine...) was in the question that asked about [...]

WHFB and 40K Collectors Ranges also going

Hi guys, I have just had it confirmed that the Fantasy and 40k Collectors ranges are also definitely going for good once stock runs out and that they have no plans to produce them again. Multiple customer service reps and the GW warehouse confirm it. This means all of the metal guard miniatures are going, [...]

Happy Birthday to me!

Just as a note this blog has just ticked over its 1st birthday, neatly lining up with my own 23rd. I hope everyone (7265 views so far) still enjoys reading it, and if you do, please give it a link, a follow, or a favourite. Also please check out some of my friends blogs in [...]

Looking back on 2012…

The blog has been running for about 10 months now, much longer than I expected it to last! Just wanted to say a big thank you to anyone reading / commenting on it, as blog views are what make my day. Please feel free to share the link around among friends etc.   Hobby wise, I [...]