Epic Ork Army – Beginnings

Hey guys, Just a quick update to let you know that one of the upsides of having moved to Wales is that I am getting a LOT of painting and modelling done in the evenings / weekends - not a lot to do, so painting helps fill the time! One of the upshots of this [...]


BFG – Ork reinforcements (2) WAAAGH!

Hi guys, Another BFG update here, four Ork cruisers join the Waaagh fleet. As you can see, I was starting to run out of appropriate paint colours for the ships, so ended up doubling up on some colours over escorts / capital ships. This brings my fleet almost to completion with only pictures of the [...]

BFG: Calixis Sector Campaign Turn 2

Turn 2 guys! Second turn of my local clubs mini-BFG campaign and the Renegades and Orks once again clashed over the same planets of the Calixis Sector - the Renegades mounting an abortive push against the sector capital of Scintilla, while  the Orks managed to wrest the mining planet of Luggnum from the control of [...]

BFG: Calixis Sector Campaign Turn 1

Hi guys! So the first week of our little BFG campaign kicked off last night with two closely fought games. Each teams picked their controlled planets (we somehow managed to muck this up and not evenly divide the planets - so the planet Settlement 228 has magically rebelled and joined the Renegade side over night...) [...]