EPIC: 4k Titan Legions vs. 1000 Sons


Hi guys,

Back to EPIC for the first time in absolutely ages, I hope you all enjoyed the digression in Fantasy. I have a 4k game versus my friend Ben arranged for this afternoon and have decided to dust off my Titan Legion and take them out for a spin.

Given that the points were 4k, I had thought about trying out my Imperator for the first time, but with this being our first game of EPIC in a good while, I decided to try something a little different. As I know Ben tends towards fewer activations in his armies, I thought I would give a list without any Warhounds a try. Helping this along is my love for the style of the old Reaver chassis!

Both Reaver models are so much sexier than the Beetleback...
Both Reaver models are so much sexier than the Beetleback…

So, the list:

Reaver – Legate, Quake x 2, Carapace Landing Pad, Legate
Reaver – Laser Blaster x 2, Volcano Cannon
Reaver – Plasma Destructor x 2, Support Missile
Reaver – Vet Princeps, Power Saw, Plasma Cannon, Laser Burner
Reaver – Vet Princeps, TCCW, Plasma Cannon, Laser Burner

So that is eight activations which isn’t too bad considering the price of the Reavers, as well as a couple of air formations for defensive AA. The highlight has to be fitting five Reavers in, with some really quite mean weapon loadouts.

Woah, Technicolour!
Woah, Technicolour!

The Reavers neatly divide into three groups – Legate SC with long range artillery for blitzguarding, two shooty Reavers packing a good mix of MW, TK and AT firepower for the middle of the board, and two Reavers geared for close assault with a mix of CC, FF, and a little extra ranged MW.

I haven’t chosen which missile my support missile will be yet, possibly a Deathstrike if Ben brings a Titan, or a Barrage Missile to lay down loads of blastmarkers on some infantry if not.

I will let you all know how it goes, and should get some pictures of the game to go with it.

Have a good weekend!

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