Lost and the Damned Tactica – Traitor Guard Support

Originally, I had set out to make my Lost and the Damned army as one heavily based on the Traitor guard units available to the list. While it is still quite heavily guard-orientated, it has morphed into a more rounded force. The Lost and the Damned list can represent the full gamut of Chaos forces - [...]

6k Steel Legion v 6k Eldar – Army Lists

I recently returned from the home to Lancaster for the start of the university term  - and what better way to celebrate than getting in a game of epic? My two friends (Andy from Miniature Miscellany and Ben from Forgot My Tea) teamed up their eldar to face up against my (almost fully painted!) guard. I was [...]

Unseen Icon of the 40k Universe

There are some things in the Warhammer 40k universe that are indisputably iconic. Think of the Space Marine, the Bolter, the Land Raider. For Guard, think of the Lasgun, the Commissar, the Leman Russ. One other icon I would make a case for would be the Basilisk. It has been around the 40k universe since pretty much the [...]