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BFG – Scratchbuild Ad-Mech Fleet 4

explorator_fleet_kx-557-vHi guys,

I’m back with the last post (for now) in this Adeptus Mechanicus fleet series, this time with the Lunar Class Cruiser, Scientia.


Super easy conversion work this time, remember the fleet was just a little side project to use up some badly paint caked cruisers and to complete my BFG fleet selection. Leaving one of the lance batteries off gave me space to add some spars and miscellaneous mechanical bits and pieces, plus adding some extra aerials, makes this one of the simpler models in the fleet.


The other side has been left alone, and the whole ship has been roughly painted in the same scheme as the rest. in the Ad-mech fleet you can upgrade all 30cm weapons batteries, so in the fleet list this ship takes that upgrade, but otherwise remains plain. Nothing fancy here!

All that is left for this fleet is the addition of a battleship, which I have decided will be an Oberon class. Three reasons for this: I think the varied weaponary (lances, batteries, and launch bays) kind of suits the Ad-Mech, having some more launch bays in  this fleet will be useful as I only have the single Dictator class, and the Oberon is a battleship class I don’t have in any of my other Imperial fleet lists. To this  end, I bought an Ad-Mech battleship from a certain place on the internet, and have assembled and undercoated it ready for painting. I think I will probably put more effort into painting it reasonably than I have with these ships, so it should eventually make an appearance up here.

Thanks for following along all!

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BFG – Lunars, Dominators & Dictators

Next up are six of the cruisers in the fleet – two Lunars, two Dominators and two Dictators.

Lunar Class Cruisers, the Eusebius and the Irenaeus

Lunar Class Cruisers, the Eusebius and the Irenaeus

Dominator Class Cruisers, the Athanasius and the Cyprian

Dominator Class Cruisers, the Athanasius and the Cyprian

Dictator Class Cruisers, the Arius and the Tertullian

Dictator Class Cruisers, the Arius and the Tertullian

Each of the cruisers is painted in the same style as the battleship in the last post, and all of the bases are magnetised for ease of storage.

One more post to go with this fleet!

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Battlefleet Bakka – Lunars and Gothics

Hi guys,

I’ve just finished painting up my latest BFG fleet – a 2000pt Battlefleet Bakka list – and have a couple of pics. Eventually, once I have everything painted and pictured, I will do a seperate page at the top of the home area to gather all the pics together.

2 x Lunars

Bakka is mostly the same as the standard Imperial fleet list, with the a couple of new Battlecruisers and Escorts, so overall the fleet is pretty standard (2 Lunars, 2 Gothics, 2 Dominators) but also has a Mercury Class Battlecruiser (long rangeand good firepower but fragile), an Ad-mech Dictator for some ordnance, 6 Havoc escorts (WB with FP5) and 3 Viper Class Destroyers (Cobras with 3 Torps, no WB).

2 x Gothics

I haven’t had a chance to play with the fleet list yet, but am looking forward to getting them on the board. I bought them for a good price from a guy on Warseer, and given that some of the ships were already undercoated in that red, the colour scheme pretty much chose itself.


Also just a note to let anyone reading know – the blog has now passed 4,000 all time views!

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