Mea Culpa…

Hi guys, I haven't died, I promise. I know the blog has been stupendously slow recently, with two months going by without a post, and even longer since anything more involved than a picture or two. I can only apologise and offer up getting a full time job, moving, and getting an academic book contract [...]

New Tactica – EPIC Eldar

Hi guys, Looking at the poll from the last post, both Chaos Space Marines and Eldar recieved four votes, so I am going to exercise my perogative as blog author to choose between them. The next tactica series will be the tricksy Eldar. The reason I have chosen them is because I think that they [...]


Hi guys, Apologies for the slow down, but work has been crazy lately and will be until January. So it is likely the blog will become a bit more sporadic for a little while, but don't worry, I will return with lots of pictures for your entertainment! Thanks.