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Mea Culpa…


Hi guys,

I haven’t died, I promise.

I know the blog has been stupendously slow recently, with two months going by without a post, and even longer since anything more involved than a picture or two. I can only apologise and offer up getting a full time job, moving, and getting an academic book contract as excuses.

I am currently in an area where the wargaming scene seems non-existent, and where I do not have access to most of my hobby stuff. Sadly this means I am somewhat limited with regards to hobbying. I have a fair amount of stuff still to post up here (a couple of big epic games with a friend of mine in London, BFG Necrons, Epic Dark Eldar, Epic Eldar Tactica, many book reviews etc) so that should keep me ticking over though the posting rate may still remain slow.

Just bear with me!


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New Tactica – EPIC Eldar

Eldar_planets bigHi guys,

Looking at the poll from the last post, both Chaos Space Marines and Eldar recieved four votes, so I am going to exercise my perogative as blog author to choose between them. The next tactica series will be the tricksy Eldar. The reason I have chosen them is because I think that they represent what I most love about EPIC – the way the armies play in the game, represents very well how they appear in the fluff.


This is something that I think is sometimes lacking in some of the newer developed lists, but it is something that drew me into the game intially and something that I think is most striking with the Eldar army. Eldar were my second ever EPIC army, and remain my biggest at 16,000pts!

Not Eldar, but it is by John Blanche so it gets a pass...

Not Eldar, but it is by John Blanche so it gets a pass…

I hope that choice doesnt upset anyone, and I hope you will all still read the Eldar tactica even if you didn’t vote for them. I should be starting it in a couple of weeks, as I am currently on a very very intense language course and do not have much time to be blogging.

I hope everyone is having a great summer and feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments!

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New Tactica Proposal?


Hi guys,

Just a quick post to show signs of life!

I have been wanting to start up another Tactica series, like my last one on the Lost and the Damned in EPIC here, but I have been stuck on which army, race, or system would be most interesting. I have narrowed it down a little, but thought I would give the final choise to you guys, so please vote or leave a comment and the top choice will get done next!

In other news I have the first couple of episodes of the podcast I mooted a while back here planned and ready  to go, and have just bought a decent microphone to mak recording somewhat easier. Don’t go expecting much until the autumn, but things are definitely moving on it!

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Podcasting? – Specialist Games, Podcasting, and the desire for Content


Hi guys,

A bit of a different post for today, but something that has bothered me for a while and recently come to a head.

Why are there no Podcasts which cover Specialist Games?

Now, I know that a great many hobby podcasts already exist especially for 40k and Fantasy (I regularly listen to Garagehammer, the Independent Characters, and Jaded Gamercast), and that these very very occasionally have one off episodes covering a particular specialist game, but there is no sustained engagement with Specialist Gaming.

I also know that there are a number of Bloodbowl specific podcasts – which kind of suggests that there would no problem content or audience wise for a podcast focused on Specialist Gaming. Given the fact that GW no longer support our form of hobbying, it seems to me that the communities that we do have become ever more important and I think a podcast would help to bind together the communities that have formed around each game, while also bringing together those disparate communities to allow for the interchange of ideas and inspiration.


Given all this, and the wealth of stuff that the podcast could cover (fluff, proxy models reviews, batreps, campaigns, new rules development, tactics, scenarios, terrain and modelling, expansion books) over so many games (BFG, EPIC, Necromunda, Warmaster, Inquisitor, Mordheim, Gorkamorka, Aeronautica etc), setting up a Specialist Games podcast of some kind is something I want to give alot of thought over the next couple of weeks.

In that vein I would love any input that any blog readers might have on this, and any suggestions!



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Additions to the Blogroll – Home of Cadaver, Sepulchre of Heroes, Miasma of Pestilence, and Lazy & Distracted

CherubaelHi guys,

I haven’t added any new blogs to the blogroll for a while but recently I have come across a few great new blogs that you really should be checking out. The blogroll is just the list at the bottom of the page, but it regularly provides me with inspiration or just that “That is so cool!” moment.

1) Home of Cadaver – beautiful Arbites conversions (not just infantry, but vehicles and terrain too!) plus a really lovely painting style.

2) Sepulchre of Heroes – currently involved in updated the Additional Ships Compendium for BFG (one of my favourite things – hence why I enjoy using / making the ships from it!) plus a great mix of general hobby articles.

3) Miasma of Pestilence – Great Inquisitor themed conversions and awesome fluff pieces to go along with it, the guy obviously invest alot into the type of gaming I love – narrative, structured, fluff-centric…

4) Lazy & Distracted – Lovely Oldhammer stuff – mostly Chaos (including my favourite Palaquin model!) but also some other things too including sensitively included more modern figures.

I hope these blogs bring you joy, as they have done for me. I love seeing what other people have been up to, so please do check them out and give their authors (none of whom I know) some love.



Hi guys,

Apologies for the slow down, but work has been crazy lately and will be until January. So it is likely the blog will become a bit more sporadic for a little while, but don’t worry, I will return with lots of pictures for your entertainment!


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The Nazi’s hated wargamers?

Just a quick cross-post to a post on a blog I follow that caused me to chuckle out loud.

Click on the picture to go to the full post, detailing an old Commando comic strip, where a scientists war-gaming is used against him.

Commando - 1


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VASSAL – Breaking my hobby drought

Hi guys,

Ben and I tried out Vassal for the first time yesterday. For those who don’t know Vassal is a game engine for building and playing online adaptations of board games and card games online, and has a variety of modules to choose from. One of the available modules is for EPIC, and we tried out a little 500pt skirmish – Chaos Marines vs. Eldar.

Warp Spiders engage a Retinue

I moved my Retinue up into some ruins and shot at the Warp Spiders, laying a blast marker. They retaliated by engaging – but were heavily beaten by the Chaos Marines, not helped by Ben’s abysmal rolling.

Guardian engage Raptors

I had moved my Raptors up, only for them to be enagaged by Ben’s Guardian formation. Some crazy eldar armour saves meant that the raptors lost and were destroyed. The guardians then swung around and faced off against the marines, loosing in an engage.

Guardians vs. Retinue

Overall, VASSAL seems pretty cool to me with lots of unit choice and a good interface. I think once we got into the groove that it would not take that much longer than a regular game, as it cuts out the coffee breaks and digressions into how Wood Elves don’t suck that much. It is such a pity that no-one else ever seems to be online on the Epic module, however I hope Ben and I will be able to use it again sometime.

One other thing: 2000 all-time views for the blog over the six months it has been in operation. If you are reading this, please hit the ‘Follow Blog’ button or comment as it provides great encouragement!

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