EPIC – 7,500pts NetEA Titan Legion!

Hi guys,

As promised here is are some picture of my recently painted Titan Legion force. Simply, and quickly, painted deliberately it is predominantly Army Painter Red with bronze coloured edging. Next step is to go back to some of the detail, possibly tart up the bases a little, and add some of the typical banners etc to the titans

These guys below are two warlord class titans, one armed with 2 x Volcano Cannons and 2 x Turbo-lasers, the other armed with 2 x Gatling Blasters and 2 x Plasma Destructors. The stock Warlord from GW comes with a strange mix of weaponry (1 x Gatling Blaster, 1 x Volcano Cannon, 2 x Turbo-Laser) meaning that it does not work very well at either AT or AP fire, but I sawed through the barrels and switched them around to allow me to have 2 of each of the stock weapons on each Titan. All the guns are now magnetised throughout this force so I can swap and change for each situation.


While this is useful, it doesnt really fix a couple of the problems the Warlord has. Unfortunately, the stock warlord load-out is the one that gets used in practically every NetEA list and I think this load out is part of the reason it never gets taken, even at higher points levels. The other problem is that there is absolutely no reason to ever take a Gatling Blaster over the other titan weapons – it is outclassed by practically everything!

Each titan has a different role to play in the list. The titan with the Volcano cannons throws out 8 x AT 3+ / AP 5+ and 2 x MW2+ (TK D3) making it exceptionally good at taking down Void Shields and then dealing with enemy War Engines. On a good day, I think it could eat a fully-shielded Reaver Titan in one turn.

The other titan puts out 8 x AT 4+ / AP 4+ and 8 x MW 2+ Slow Firing. Being stuck with the Gatling Blaster is a bit of a pain, but I think this titan will perform quite well against mechanised infantry formations, or those with reinforced armour, like my friends Thousand Sons.


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