BFG: Craftworld Eldar Dragon Ship

Hi guys, Sorry things have been a little sloww of late, I have been in London and away from my models. As luck would have it however, I have recently finished up my Craftworl Eldar Dragon ship model, the last unpainted model in my recently featured Craftworld Eldar fleet . In the end I decided [...]

BFG – Craftworld Eldar Fleet

Given I had some of the ships out of the case for this for the last post I thought I would throw up some pictures of the full Craftworld Eldar fleet I own too. As you can see it is rather small, only coming to 1,000pts which makes it the smallest fleet I own. This [...]

BFG – Wraithships

Hi guys, Quick update - I have finally finished painting up the plastic Spacefleet models I am using as Craftworld Eldar wraithships. The four of them round the fleet out to a nice 3,000pts, and seem to me to have some pretty decent rules to go with them. The models were undercoated Codex Gray, then heavily [...]