EPIC Orks – Kommandos and Big Gunz


Hi guys,

Another EPIC Ork army update, this time with some of the Mek Boy Gunmobz and some Kommandos. These are great little helper formations to the bigger more fighty units in the army and give a little bit of variety to the army.


The first gunmob is a straight forward ‘Uge Gunmob (15 Big Gunz for 325 points) to which I have chosen to add and paint up some spare stands of Nobz. This helps, through the Nobs ‘Leader’ special rule, the formation to shed blastmarkers it may gather. The formation is a bit big and unwieldy to really play, though I suppose it could be somewhat useful as a mid-field / blitz-guard. The models are just the old Traktor Cannons.



The second formation is a smaller eight Gun mob with a single stand of Nobz coming to 235pts in total. A bit handier and again useful as an objective holding formation that can reach out and touch enemy formations.  This time the models are a mix of the Shokk-Attack Gunz and some old metal Thudd Gun models.


Last, but not least, are two six stand formations of Ork Kommandos, the sneaky stealthy Ork boys. In Epic, they come with the Scout special rule and in the EPIC UK ruleset they can be taken as separate formations, replacing Stormboyz on an equal cost basis. This really opens taking them up from the GW rules, which restricted them to being added to normal warhordes. This was a bit weird because it meant your scouts had to be restricted to big unwieldy infantry formations. I may play these as Stormboys even still, as I think the extra movement is probably better than the Scout rule, but we shall have to wait until I get a game in and see.

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