EPIC Orks – Battlefortress Boyz!


Hi guys,

Another quick post detailing some of the work that has gone into painting up my new EPIC Ork army – this time looking at two formations of Boyz with their Battlefortress rides.

Again the blue / yellow theme continues, but with different blues being used to differentiate between the different formation and also to give that rag tag feeling of an Ork army made up of connected, but different, warbands. I like the way the yellow contrasts with the dark gray bases – which, on a related note, I am thinking about making standard across all my armies and all my systems just to make things look more cohesive.


Each warband (2 Nobz, 8 Boyz, 2 Grotz) comes with its on Battlefortress ride, which allows the warband to mount up and actually move at a fair clip with some added protection from the Battlefortress’s armour. I wanted the entire army to be able to mount up in some way for both theme and play reasons (theme – I have always liked the idea of hordes of Ork vehicles; play – I could play the army as a Kult of Speed list).

The thing is, Battlefortresses (and Gunfortresses to be fair) are pretty rubbish in the original EPIC rules, being expensive and easily knocked out by dedicated AT fire. This puts all of the occupants at risk and Ork armour saves are not exactly great so they tend to die when the transport does too. The EpicUK addition of an oddboy powerfield upgrade (1D3 powerfields for the Fortress) makes them a little more survivable and probably makes them more playable – certainly flooding the table with warbands in fortresses seems doable!

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