EPIC Orks – Warlord and Big Warband


Hi guys,

Another update on the EPIC Ork army I have been painting up, this time looking at the Warband of the Warlord that leads the army. This Warband is an Big Warband – meaning it is twice the size of a regular one. The mehcanic in the Ork army for this is great, giving you discounts for making your formations bigger and bigger. For example, an Ork Warband is usually 200pts and 10 units strong, a Big Warband is 350pts and 20 units strong, and an ‘Uge Warband is 500pts and 30 units strong.


Again the blue and yellow has been carried through, with a different blue used to slightly differentiate the different Warbands. I have kept the Warlord as a separate marker rather than including him on a stand as I like to be able to move the Warlord around different formations in the army – this is particularly important in the Ork army where the Warlod has specific rules on placement – for example if a Gargant is included then the Warlord must attach himself to it.


As with the other formations in the army, this formation has a transport option, this time in the form of two Battlefortresses (each Battlefortress can transport up to eight stands – grotz don’t count for transport numbers).



2 thoughts on “EPIC Orks – Warlord and Big Warband

  1. Nice to see the green hordes mustering in numbers! I haven’t played/painted Epic in ages again, this is very inspirational.

  2. Glad to see I’m not the only one that likes to paint brightly colored Orks 😀 also I recently got those same battle fortresses I have some for my Goffs and some for my Death Skullz! Also I do love the description of how the grotz not taking up any spots on Battle fortresses in the Armageddon book as they are assumed to tuck away into overhead bins small unoccupied spaces inside the vehicle and or ride on top of it. 😀 nice Orks too like the color scheme!

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