EPIC Orks – Blitz Brigade 1


Hey guys,

Back with the next part of my ongoing EPIC Ork army, this time with one of the Blitz Brigades that help to make up the force. These are a collection of the old metal Battlewagon and Gunwagon models which I think are a) beautiful characterful models and b) fit in really well with the older plastic figures too.



I decided to jazz the paint scheme up a little bit on these models due to the higher level of detail, but kept the strong and minimal palette which I think suits Orks very well. I chose to do alternating blue / yellow panels rather than the more usual Ork check in an attempt to make the models pop at 6mm.


As you can see this formation is six strong, with the Weirdboy tower standing in as an Oddboy (either a Zzap Gun or a Soopa Gun as the feeling strikes). This makes them 270pts, which isn’t too bad for something fast, relatively resilient, and quite shooty. They also add nicely to the semi-Speed Freak theme of the army as a whole. There are four formations, all six strong, in the army so they could be blobbed together to make bigger formations – an ‘Uge formation with two Soopagunz for example.


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