EPIC Orkz – Blitz Brigade 2


Hey guys,

Following on from the last post with the first of four Blitz Brigades in this EPIC Ork  army, I present to you the second Gunwagon formation. This formation is once again made up of the lovely old models – I love the appearance of these models and the character that they bring to the army.


As you can see, the blue and yellow theme has been carried through, though the blue here is a lovely pale shade that really is set off by the yellow. I like the way that the differentiaated blue has worked across the whole force – giving the strong theme but enough of the random orkiness you want at 6mm.


This formation is six strong again, though it lacks the Oddboy upgrade that was represented by the Weirdboy Tower in the last formation. However, I was thinking of using the Mekboy Speedsta with the rockets on top as one, as the Oddboy upgrade (essentially a gun upgrade to the base unit, in this case a gunwagon, which can be either a 60cm MW3+ TKD3 or a 60cm 2BP MW) because it is ridiculously good / fun.


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