Epic Ork Army – Beginnings

Hey guys,

Just a quick update to let you know that one of the upsides of having moved to Wales is that I am getting a LOT of painting and modelling done in the evenings / weekends – not a lot to do, so painting helps fill the time!

One of the upshots of this is that I have started painting an EPIC Ork army I have had kicking around for a looooooong time. I originally bought a mixed box full of old EPIC orks from eBay for about £15 – a mix of square stands, loose infantry, and a good handful of old lead. After cleaning up and buying some bits and pieces for the army, it is now a fairly respectable 7,500pts Ork army, with a focus on mounted warbands and gunwagons. Not bad for around £50 all in really.


Having put all the stands together, sanded, and basecoated all the infantry, I decided on a bright blue / yellow colour scheme. I wanted something that would stand out in 6mm, have a strong contrast within the scheme and to other EPIC armies I have, and a scheme I have not painted before. That narrowed things down quite a lot and I have ended up going with a variety of mid / light blues and a strong yellow. I’m loving how easy painting old 6mm Orks is – there is bugger all detail on the models and so bugger all I really have to paint 😛


The models in the army are generally the older style, with metal gunwagons and infantry prominent. I have tried to keep this theme, with a slight detour for some Fighta-Bommas from Shapeways. The army is based around one Big Warband in two Battle Fortresses, two normal sized Warbands in a Battle Fortress each, and an upgraded Warband in six Squiggoth Battwagons. Supporting this infantry is a couple of decent sized Blitz Brigades, four Kult of Speed formations (two mixed scorcha / buggy, two bikes), two gunmobs, two Kommando formations, and eight Fighta-Bommas

Still looking for some Stompas and a Supa-Stompa, some Flakwagonz, and possibly an old school Gargant – hit me up if you have some!

I’ll update with more photos once some more is painted.

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