EPIC Orks – Snakebite Boyz in Squiggoths!


Hey guys,

I promised in the last post to bring you updates on the progress of the painting of my newly put together Epic Ork army. The thing is, I paint quite fast when I have nothing else to do, but somehow this never matches up with me blogging regularly, so I have ended up finishing the entire army without blogging as I go along…

Still that does mean I got the opportunity to line up all the figures in the army and grab some pictures in some semi-decent lighting for a change! I will be posting this up section by section over the next couple of posts and have some decent army wide shots too.


As you can see, the blue and yellow scheme is prominent for this army – works well for Orks, is a little bit different to usual, is a colour I have never tried before, and it stands out nicely at 6mm – and is carried through the entire army. I have tried to capture a little bit of that zany old school Ork vibe in the use of the brighter colours, while still keeping things in tune with the more modern way of presenting models. To add to that, I will eventually go back and add some grass tufts to the bases – probably a nice pale desert scrub colour for contrast with the gray bases.


The actual formation is a beefed-up Warhorde – regular warhorde, two added Nobz, two added Boys with Grotz, and six of the old Squiggoth models standing in as Battlewagonz. This makes the formation pretty fast, and pretty hitty, but it does leave it rather (over)-expensive and quite fragile on the move. Still, Orks are for fun!

I decided to use the Squiggoth models as transports for this warhorde as a number of the bases of Boyz have the old Wildboyz models (the ones with axes and shields!) on them. This plays into the Ork fluff where different tribes of Orks, including more savage orks, would join up. So these are my more primitive Ork tribe in the army.








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