EPIC Orks – Army Pics

IMG_3363Hi guys,

Just a quick post to round of the recent Ork army review – this time a few full army pictures.

I am really happy with how this army has turned out. It was a quick army to paint and I am lovely the way that the bold colours work on the 6mm scale. It feels very Orky and the scheme is quite different from my usual EPIC stuff.



A nice rounded army selection means that beyond one or two things (a Supa-Stompa, some Stompas, and some Flakwagonz) there isn’t really much more I want to do here. I can’t see myself playing Orks much, but as one of the classic EPIC Armageddon armies, it is satisfying to collect!

2 thoughts on “EPIC Orks – Army Pics

    1. None so far – wanting to go with a more mechanised / speed freaks feel, but I may pick one up eventually.

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