EPIC Orks – Fighta-Bommas!


Hey guys,

Last individual formation post for this army, I am getting a little bored of the formation by formation style and I am sure you are too. Not quit sure how to shake things up, beyond the usual “play more games”, but I will be having a think.


This army contains 8 Fighta-Bommas, most likely deployed in a formation of 5 and one of 3. Fighta Bommas are excellent for Orks – with their activation roll being boosted on a Ground Attack or Intercept they are very reliable in thir role, give great AT fire with their At4+ Rokkits, deliver that firepower anywhere on the board, generally have the numbers to push through AA fire, and look pretty damn cool. There is a reason why the Ork flying circus is a thing – Ork flyers are good and plug a hole in the army.


As you can probably see, these are not the original GW models. While the GW models are lovely, their central place in the Ork army makes them kind of pricey to procure on eBay, so for these I found some lovely proxies on Shapeways. You can see the slight grainy roughness of the plastic printing (these are white, strong, and flexible – you could go forhighr quality printing), but I think it works for ork mechanisms.

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