Adventures in Middle Earth Campaign – Session One

Hi guys,

So I have been Loremastering a slightly tweaked Wilderland Campaign for a group of friends (4, all DnD vets) for a few months now and wanted to share with you the progression of the campaign. We all live in different places and only play in person, so it is rather intermittent. We are on Session Four and it seems to be going well so far.

The Party:

Brandobras Hornblower: The somewhat dilletante son of a pipeweed growing dynasty, Brandobras has alwasy had a bit of wanderlust about him. Acompanying Dindy and Dody in setting up the Easterly Inn, Brandy set off to deliver Bilbo’s letters to King Bard, and now that he’s back, he plans to explore. He’s a bit of a Wanderer, bit of a treasure hunter, and a lot of a combat beast.

Bern of Bain: A man of Laketown, whose family runs a small tapestry loomery and shop in Laketown. Sent off with his porter, Aegir, to deliver tapestries to the Easterly Inn in the Vales of the Anduin. He’s a Warden, and wields a shortbow and longsword. He’s constantly using his loom to produce patches of his adventures too.

Theodwin: A somewhat glum Beorning, sent by Beorn to Laketown on a delivery task, Theodwin longs to return to his peaceful life in the valley. When roused though, his skills as a Warrior come to the fore, swinging his longsword valiantly, as does his great strength (17!).

Astrid Hilfeir: A Scholar Dwarf of the Blue Mountains, she had travelled to Erebor some months back to visit her extended family. While she has travelled widely, it has always been on the safest of roads and she is itching for a little adventure in her old age. Wielding a giant mattock (though not very skillfully), she is going to look after her boys through hell or high water.

Bern of Bain, striding through the eaves of Mirkwood

Session One:

Session One

Hey little hobbitses,

You managed to extricate yourself from Laketown, pick up Bern from his loving parents, and following a warming and companiable meal with them set off along the shore of the Long Lake.

The party then involved themselves in the dispute between Baldor and his guards, and agreed to accompany him and Belgo his son on their travels across Mirkwood (50sp each in goods and coin).

You settled on a route along the river and then the Elf Path, using rafts to carry you to Thanduil’s Halls. On arrival, you made an excellent impression on his chamberlain and were able to stay in comfort until you were ready to leave. You emerged from Thranduil’s Halls at the point where the elf path is crossed by the enchanted stream, were warned not to leave the path, and set off deeper into the forest.

On your travels so far, your ponies have been spooked by a rather large spider in the night, and you have had to extricate yourself from webs strung across the path (finding the remains of poor Thorvald among them).

You settle down for the night and just as Brandy’s eyes close, you see Baldor stoop down to drink from the stream running next to your campsite…

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