EPIC Eldar Tactica – Beginnings

Hi guys,


You may remember that a while back I talked about doing another tactica series to go with my Lost and the Damned Tactica which people seemend to enjoy and can be accessed through clikcing on the “Tactica” tab down at the bottom of the blog page.

You may also remember I ran a poll asking which army you wanted to see done next, which came out with the EPIC Eldar army being the most popular. I then promptly hit a crazily busy patch with work and forgot all about it…

Fear not, however, as I have some free time coming up while I visit my parents and plan on making some headway in writing up the EPIC Eldar tactica post starting this weekend. Give me a shout if there is anything in particular you want covered or focused on, but I plan on going through almost all of the list, just like I did for the Lost and the Damned.

Thanks and check back soon!



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