BFG Tau Fleet – Fleet Pics & Roundup


Hi All,

This is the roundup of the Tau fleet I have been posting up about for the last couple of weeks – finally finished and painted! It comes to a nice round 1,500pts and contains a good variety of ships.



The flet contains two Explorer Class Battleships, two Hero Class Cruisers, three messengers, six Defenders, and six Orca Gunships. Here is the list:

Kor’O (Ld9)              80
+1RR                         25
Explorer                 230
Explorer                 230
Hero                       180
Hero                       180
3 x Messenger       150
6 x Defenders        270
6 x Orcas                150

This gives me a pretty good spread of ship types, ordnance, weapons batteries and lances at a load of range bands. Broadly the strategy with the fleet will be to hold back in the initial stages of the battle, using the ordnance from the Explorers to break up the enemy fleet and hopfully score some damage, befor driving forward with the Heroes and the escorts to mop up the remnants. How well this will work, I am unsure about – it is a not a stunningly ccomplex fleet with magical tricks etc and would probably really struggle against a well played Chaos fleet or something like Tyranids which could close and board.

This fleet has been built to go with my 1,500pt Demiurge fleet to make a 3,000pt Tau list and I have some joint fleet pictures to come. Thanks for sticking with me!





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