EPIC Dark Angels – Predator Squadron

Dark Angels old codex artwork

Hi guys,

Another post in the ongoing Dark Angels army review / space marine tactica series here, with a look at the Predator Detachment from the NetEA Codex Astartes list.

The formation is quite simple – four tanks for 250pts with a choice between the Annihilator and Destructor weapons load outs. The chassis is a 30cm move, 4+ armour save, CC 6+. FF 5+ which means that the Predators are fast, decently survivable, and offer the possibility of supporting fire or initiating an engagement.

The Predator Annihilator load out pictured above has a pair of Lascannon sponsons and a twin-linked Lascannon in the turret. This translates to a 45cm AT4+ shot and two 45cm AT5+ shots which, given the general paucity of decent quality long range shooting in Space Marine armies can come in very handy. I particularly find Predators useful in striking against enemy formations which other Space Marine units may struggle with, like Warhound Titans etc. Th Annihilator load out is definitely the most popular for precisely this reason!

We also have the option of the Predator Destructor load out for the same cost. This boasts a turret mounted Autocannon and two Heavy Bolter sponsons (45cm AP5+/AT6+ and two 30cm AP5+) and an improvement on its FF score to 3+. As you can see the ranges here do not sync up and the Predator is much more focused on an anti-infantry role. I don’t see Destructors really filling the same niche as the Annihilator version as their actual shooting is weak, however with the 3+ FF stat they can be used to initiate assaults in ordr to bring in supporting fire from another formation. With a 30cm move this is more feasible and the 4+ armour save makes them unlikely to be wiped out before the supporting fire can occur.

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