Necromunda Redemptionists – Zizek the Priest

Hi guys,

Sorry for the recent delay in posting, things were a bit hectic and there was little chance for gaming or painting.

I am now back home for Christmas, so expect posting to pick up at least a little bit for the next couple of weeks until I get back to Lancaster.

Just before leaving uni, I got involved in a local Necromunda group run by a friend on mine on a monthly basis. It has been going on for quite a while and I only joined in late, but by playing more frequently I have managed to catch up with them.

Salvation's Fire
Salvation’s Fire

The above is my newly painted Redemptionist gang – all 20 strong and packed full of flamer templates! I love playing the Redemptionists in Necromunda, something about dousing the heretic in flame I think… They are primarily a combat / short-range gang and can really beat face within 12 or so inches, but suffer against heavy stubbers or other long range weaponry. Their weapons list is quite restrictive with Deacons only being able to weild Melta Guns, Flamers or common weaponry, but they can make great use of the one-shot flamer template Exterminator Cartridge.

Paint wise the robes are about 3 coats of Red Gore over a black undercoat, followed by about 8 coats of Fiery Orange for the flame effect. I did think of doing the typical yellow as smaller flames but I did not think it would have workd well with the washes that I wanted to use to darken down the whole gang.

Zizek, my Priest
Zizek, my Priest

The model above is still available from GW here, and represents my Gang Leader / Priest Zizek. Currently carrying a sword, a club, 2 Bolt Pistols and a Hot-Shot Lasgun, he is able to use his Gunfighter and Fast-Shot skills to maximum effect, while still being handy in close combat.

Name Type Base M WS BS S T W I A Ld Equipment Eq Cost Skills / Injuries Exp. Cost
Zizek Priest 140 4 4 5 4 3 2 6 2 8 Club, Sword,   Bpistol x 2, Lasgun, Hot-Shot Pack 110 Gunfighter,   Counter Attack, Fast Shot, Armourer 326 250

Sorry about the table above, I cannot for the life of me get the formatting right… 😦

I have magnetised all of the wrists for the multi-part metal models so I can swop and change their armnament as a campaign progresses and it seems to have worked out really well on this model.

In game, Zizek tends to hang back double-tapping with his strength 4 Lasgun (much scarier in Necromunda than 40k!), before moving up later on to add some fire support with his bolt-pistols. As a Redemptionist Priest he can try to convert any enemy gangers who are captured and not rescued by thier friends, rolling a D6 each and adding it to thier respective leadership values. So far he has only managed to convert an ex-Arbite who will make an appearance later, and burnt a Genestealer Magos as a mutant.

Over the next couple of posts I will post up pics and stats for the rest of the gang!


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