Necromunda Redemptionists – Kierkegaard, Cupitt & Jurgensmeyer

Welcome to part three of my Redemptionist gang for Necromunda.

Zealot Kierkegaard
Zealot Kierkegaard

This partially naked fellow is my only painted Zealot in the gang. While all Redemptionists are a little bit crazy, Zealots are those true gibbering maniacs – and in classic grimdark 40k style they are often armed with giant chainswords equipped with flamer cartridges. While not quite as good as the close combat monster that preceeded him in the gang (until he was eaten by Ben’s Genestealer…. *sigh* ) Kierkegaard is equipped with some Mesh Armour which I managed buy at the rare trade post and has a Killer Reputation in the Underhive, making it likely that enemy ganger will wilt with fear instead of charging him.

Kierkegaard Zealot 60 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 Eviscerator,   Exterminator, Mesh Armour 45 Killer   Rep, 30 105
Cupitt & Jurgensmeyer
Cupitt & Jurgensmeyer

Next up are two of my most experienced gangers, Cupitt and Jurgensmeyer. Jurgensmeyer, the one on the right, is a simply the stock redemptionist ganger with magnets fitted in both wrists. Then I have mangetised the wrists on a scout shotgun and an open hand from my bits box to make it seem as if he is aiming. Personally, I think this is the model that the magnets have worked best on! Cupitt is just the stock mdoel from the older 1-piece version of the Redemptionists, but is nice nonetheless. Both are loaded up with shooting skills so are quite formidable at range in the game.

Cupitt Crusader 50 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 1 8 Shotgun,   Mstopper, Sword, Exterminator, Bolt Shells 50 Hip-Shooting,   Gun Fighter, Rapid Fire 135 100
Jurgensmeyer Crusader 50 4 3 5 3 3 1 6 1 7 Shotgun,   Mstopper, Sword, Exterminator, Bolt Shells 50 Gun   Fighter, Crack Shot, Marksman 155 100

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